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How do you make a horse canter?

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2011-09-13 05:19:58

If you have a hunter or jumper horse, you can ask for a canter

by at a walk, lifting and slightly pulling your inside rein and

keeping your outside rein against the neck (still with contact)!

Keep your inside leg on the girth and your outside leg behind the

girth. To ask, you squeeze your legs and move your hands at the

motion of the canter and keep a forward seat. Your horse should

then canter.

If you are a beginner English rider, you may be able to get your

horse to canter in another way. You can ask for a trot, sit deep in

the saddle, and squeeze your legs against your horse's sides (don't

kick!!). Your horse should then canter.

When you canter, especially for a not-so-advanced rider, try to

either get your canter on a corner (like in an arena or ring) or do

a circle. It is much easier for your horse to pick up the correct


Great answer , but, to add to it... I am an advanced English

rider and to pick up a canter, right lead use left leg and left

lead use right leg. Dig your leg into your horses belly(not so hard

as to hurt him) lean back and make a kissing noise... Then you get

a canter!

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