How do you make a horse harness out of rope?

Unless you plan on your horse hauling heavy loads I would suggest first making a long girth strap-like thing. Get several metal rings and weave them into a long girth strap. You want the strap to go almost all the way around. The rings should be evenly spaced and five is a good amount and you can play with the harness design. The rings should be big enough to hold the weight you are pulling and small enough that the clip of a dog leash can hook it. For the breast strap, find a sturdy length of material (chair wicking works well) and fasten it to one ring, approximaitly where it should go and fasten a clip or hook to the other end. Then wrap the girth around, hook the breast strap and clip on some dog leashes for traces. Teh extra metal rings can be used for rein guides, martinangle rings, or anything else you can think of. I have been working on a harness for a calf and it's all done except the bridle right now. Be creative and try a lot of different things; belts, material, salvaged tack from garage sales, dog leashes, anything you can think of.