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How do you make a kill switch for a mower?

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Any gasoline engine on lawn & garden equipment is killed by shorting out the coil, also known as the magneto, this is the part the spark plug wire comes from. Killing the engine is merely shorting it out, a ground wire, so you could actually run a toggle switch with a wire to the coil. If this happens to be a Briggs & Stratton they have a spade connection on the side of the coil you can connect to, Tecumseh has a wire ran from within. It is not clear above that you need to connect to the low voltage side of the coil. This will depend on the stype of motor, but you can short or open the points or open the ground for the magneto. Don't connect to the high-voltage wire going to the spark plug or you will be in for a nasty surprise when you go to use it.

2007-06-30 07:50:23
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Where is the kill switch on the craftsman riding lawn mower?

The engine kill switch is under the seat.

Where is the stop switch on a Briggs and Stratton mower engine?

If the mower has a shift knob control for "Start" "Run" and 'Stop', the kill switch will be on the end of the cable that leads to the throttle bracket. If the mower has the safety handle that shuts off the mower when it is not depressed, the kill switch will be at the end of the cable that leads from the handle to the engine. If the mower is operated with an on-off ignition switch, the kill switch wire will be spliced to the switch "off" wire some where between the throttle cable and the switch.

Where is the kill switch on a yard machine riding mower?

The kill switch is typically the ignition key. Depending on the mower it could also be a red push button labelled "emergency stop"

Where is the kill switch on a lawn mower?

Push mowers have kill switches that are on the handle and kill the engine if you let go and riding mowers sometimes have kill switches under the seat to kill it if the rider gets off the mower.

Can a lawn mower kill Zomboni?

Yes, but it does not make sense how a small lawn mower could kill a huge Zomboni.

My mower will not shut off?

If this is a riding mower and it has a key to shut it off then the problem could be a few things. The ignition switch could be bad. Some switches ground through the mounting of the switch. Make sure the switch is tightly mounted. Make sure the wires a securely plugged onto the back of the switch. Then make sure that the black wire that goes behind the starter is plugged in solid. If it is a push mower then it is something totally different.

Lawn mower will not shut off?

The kill switch wire is broken or has come loose. If it is a push mower, look at the end of the throttle cable where it touches ground when the lever is in the OFF position. If it is a riding lawn mower, follow the wires from the ignition switch, you will find a disconnection someplace near ground (by the throttle cable bracket on my rider).

How do you deactivate the kill switch in a 1998 Chrysler Sebring?

It does not have a kill switch.It does not have a kill switch.

How do you engage the mower blade on a gravely mower?

look for the engage switch that has a picture of blades

How do you change a dimmer switch?

help mower!

How do you pull out the kill switch in a Chrysler 2004 Sebring sedan?

Chrysler does not have a kill switchChrysler does not have a kill switch

How does a kill switch work?

The KILL switch is in series with the ignition switch. When the KILL switch is open, the bike will not start.

Will a huskee mower mow in reverse?

My Huskee mower will not mow in reverse due to a switch that kills the engine if the blades are engaged. This is very inconvenient. I removed the switch and it now mows in reverse. Do this at your own risk. I am the only person who uses my mower and it will be reinstituted when I sell the mower.

How do you replace kill switch on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

Chrysler vehicles do not have a kill switch.Chrysler vehicles do not have a kill switch.

Why does a mower shut off when the blades get engaged?

Possibly a bad switch under the seat. This is a safety feature that kills the motor if you overturn the mower. Unless the seat switch is made, the motor will not run with the blades engaged. There is also a switch on the blade engagement mechanism so the mower "knows" when they are engaged.

How do you engage the mower for a John Deere stx38?

The STX-38 should have an electric clutch for the mower deck. The switch to engage it is on the right rear fender. It is a toggle switch. You will have to pull up on the switch and forward to engage the blades.

Where is the kill switch on a Jeep Cherokee?

It doesn't have a "kill" switch.

Using Murray 12.5 hp 40 mower needed to get off When I tried to restart it not even turning over Bypassed the seat kill switch still nothing Jumped across solonoid turns over but doesn't start?

Did you raise the deck all the way up again after you got off? There is a safety switch on the deck handle, seat and clutch. When I got off the mower, I just put it in neutral and disengaged the blade. When I got up I knew the kill switch in the seat would turn it off, but though it would restart when I got back on and it didn't. -- My lawn was getting long, so I disconnected the kill switch wire from the ignition. Now, I can only kill the engine if I choke it out. I think the problem might be in the ignition switch.

Where is the kill switch on a push gas mower?

Most mowers unless electric have a lever that works as a throttle/choke to start your mower. If you just pull back on the lever till the throttle/choke no longer allows gas to the engine this usually shuts it off.

How do you engauge mower stx38?

There is a small switch on the right fender close to the key switch. If it is still the original switch you need to pull it upward as you switch it.

Is there a kill switch on a 1998 dodge neon sport?

No, there is no kill switch except for the ignition switch.

Where is the kill switch located on a 1994 Taurus gl?

the kill switch?

Where is the fuel kill switch for the 2001 pt cruiser?

It does not have a kill switch.

How can you Disable the kill switch on a 2004 Pontiac grand am?

To disable a kill switch the wiring would have to be modified to bypass the switch. This is not advisable as the switch is a safety feature.

Where is the safety switch located to start the mower because you have to press the clutch a lot of times to get it to engage to start This is on a Ranchking riding mower.?

The safety switch to start the motor on a Ranchking riding mower is located in the ignition. If the clutch needs to be depressed several times before the mower will start, there might be a problem with the adjustment of the clutch.