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you put a nail with zinc on it in one side of the lemon and make a slot for a copper penny in the other side of the lemon. the penny is the + side of the battery and the nail is the - side of the battery.

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Does a lemon make a better battery than a orange?

Yes a lemon does make a better battery than a orange.

How can you make a battery by using lemon?

it depends on a type of a lemon

How do you make a lemon juice battery?

just stick some metal in the lemon and connect it all up with wires and crocodile clips, and wazzam you have have a lemon battery. This is becuase the acid in the lemon acts as a battery

What is the difference of a battery and a lemon battery?

lemon battery is a battery which is comnpatible for the lemon laptop.

Can you make a salt water battery?

Yes. It is similar to a lemon battery or potato battery.

Potato battery or lemon battery?

You can make a battery out of both a lemon or a potato - if you want to see how just do a net search on "potato battery" or lemon battery. In science we have been conducting an experiment to see which of the fruits/vegetables creates a larger flow of electrons- for us it was the potato so it may make a better battery than the lemon. u make it by putting a penny in a lemon and a nail on different sides, then use a battery meter to see how much electricity the object has.

Is it possible to make battery from a lemon?

Yes it is.

Can you make a Lemon Battery with pennies?


How does the acid in a lemon make a lemon battery work?

The acid lets the electricty flow throw the lemon

Why is the lemon battery called the lemon battery?

it is made with lemon acid

What is the purpose of the lemon battery?

The use of a lemon battery is a demonstration of what is necessary for a battery to operate. All you need to make a battery is two dissimilar metals and acid. There is not much practical application of the lemon battery. They are not cost efficient for the amount of energy produced. The same with a potato battery potato's have more power than lemons and are easier to make.

How do you make a battery out of a lemon and an orange?

you can't stupid

What is the hypothesis for a lemon battery science project?

1) Can I make a battery using a lemon, a penny, a nail (or copper wire), alligator clips and wire 2) Can I make a battery out of things you can find at home.

How do you hook up a lemon battery?

To make a lemon battery you have to have . . .1 lemon2 wires(one red one blue)3 a 10 volt batteryHook up the wires to the lemon and then to the battery then turn it on and it should work.See tutorial below for additional information .

What does a lemon battery do?

a lemon battery generates electricity.a lemon battery can help the society in terms of electricity. the lemon battery can be used in a sudden brown out then it will be fun to do and also it is useful

Why does a lemon become a battery?

The acidity in the lemon can substitute as a battery.

What are the thing you can use to make a lemon battery rather than a nail and a penny?

just buy a battery

Who was the first person to make a battery out of a lemon and a fruit?

Alessandro Volta

Can you use a lemon to make a battery?

Yes, a lemon may be used as a battery cell. The strong citric acid in a lemon will react to dissimilar metals inserted into it. See the Related Links below for more information.

Why do you need a lemon battery?

You don't. You either need a lemon or you need a battery.

What is an application for a lemon battery?

How can the lemon battery project be applied in the real world

Why do you need galvanized nails to make a lemon battery?

because its negitive energy

How do you connect a lemon to a battery?

It's actually possible to connect a lemon to a battery--especially if that battery is another lemon. While this statement may seem confusing, it really isn't. One popular lemon battery experiment shows students how to create a voltaic battery with a lemon. This type of battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Further exploration of this principle will allow you to connect one lemon battery to another lemon battery. One lemon will produce approximately 7/10 of a volt of electricity. And two lemon batteries connected to each other generally create enough energy to power a digital watch.

Can a lemon power a motor without a battery?

yes because the same juice in the lemon is in a battery

Which would be a better battery lemon or grapefruit?