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How do you make a lightsaber?

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All you need to construct a "toy" lightsaber is a plastic tube illuminated by a bright interior bulb. Some are made from telescoping sections that can collapse into the handle when not turned on.

An actual lightsaber is not physically possible to build at present, because it requires light energy to be both coherent and contained in a field. Projection of an unsupported magnetic field is complicated by the necessary field strength, which would affect a lot more than the energy within the "saber."


You should be asking the "what?" before you ask the "how?" In the sci-fi terms that define what a lightsaber is constructed of, it wouldn't work. But even George Lucas himself admitted that he was simply creating fiction and didn't know anything about how it would work. He just called it a lightsaber emits light. When you go home and say "turn on the light, would ya?" are you referring to a nonstop beam of light? No, you're visually describing an incandescent bulb operated by electricity, which of course emits light. Same thing applies to a lightsaber - it emits light, but that doesn't mean it is made of light. When little Anakin told Qui Gon that he saw his laser sword, are you going to accept that as fact? Anakin was a kid when he said that, and had no knowledge of how a lightsaber was constructed, nor physics for that matter. You're gonna go off the word of a KID?

What? If you really want to build a lightsaber, you have no choice but to go with existing technology, and if it doesn't exist, well then - invent it. A plasma saber can be called a lightsaber because it would emit light. Plasma is possible here people. It occurs naturally everyday. Physicists always yammer about how you can't generate enough power to inject a plasma into a magnetic field, which bugs me because they're always talking about plasma and magnetic fields as if one has absolutely nothing to do with the other - like they should be regarded as two separate and unlinked entities. Let's talk electricity. A flow of charge generates an electromagnetic field, and vice-versa an EM field will generate a flow of charge. Now let's talk about conductivity. Your best conductors are silver and copper. These are good conductors. Some materials oppose a flow of charge - these are known as nonconductors. But, as fate would have it, nonconductors will conduct just fine if they become ionized. For example, a simple capacitor utilizes this concept. A charge builds up one one end of the capacitor, seeking to dump to the other end to complete its circuit. To accomplish this task, a nonconductor is sandwiched in between. And that's when something amazing happens. When enough charge builds up, the nonconductor becomes ionized and the capacitor is able to make its charge dump. When this occurs, the nonconductive material returns to its nonconductive state and the process starts all over again.

How? Of course, you're thinking, how does this answer my question? We live on a giant capacitor. The clouds in the sky will gradually build up a static charge. And naturally, when enough charge builds up, you get lightning. Air is a nonconductive material until it becomes ionized. And when a material becomes ionized, this means that each atom has enough energy to excite its electrons to another level until one gets bumped off. What results is a flow of charge, a flow of electrons, charge in motion - a current, pushed by a massive voltage. This of course leads me right into plasma. What IS plasma? Plasma is simply an ionized gas. It doesn't matter what type of gas it is, as long as it IS a gas. Air is a gas, and when it becomes ionized, it is converted to plasma - this is what we call lightning. And, of course, I'll say it again - any charge in motion generates an EM field, and therefore plasmas generate their own EM fields. This is all I will say for now - that lightning (electron arcing) is the simplest way to create a plasma saber. Of course, lightning zigzags, because it follows a nonlinear path of the least resistive molecules in the air. If you use a laser in tandem to heat the molecules, this will provide a linear path of least resistance. And PLEASE remember that like polarities will always repel. If you keep it simple, simple solutions will always present themselves.

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How do you make a lightsaber on the keyboard?

|]=[]=:==:| |]

How do you make jedi on little alchemy?

Light + Sword = Lightsaber, Lightsaber + Human = Jedi

Does Hasbro make a Darth maul fx lightsaber?

Yes, there is a Darth maul fx lightsaber.

Is there a way to really make a lightsaber?

No, but you can follow a tutorial on YouTube of how to make a customized hilt for a costume. It's called how to make a lightsaber by the makers of backyard FX

How do you make it look like you are holding a lightsaber in windows movie maker?

You need the lightsaber video effect.

How do you make a homemade lightsaber?

At certain toy stores, there is a kit that you can buy and you can make your own lightsaber, and there are more than a thousand different styles.

Could you make something like a lightsaber?

You could make a lightsaber,but it we'll probably take many years or it couldn't even happen.

How can scientists make a lightsaber the same as the Star Wars lightsabers?

No. While we can make jets of plasma, they are nowhere near as controlled as the blade of a lightsaber.

Do they make yellow lightsaber toys?

No, but they do make orange, and I can tell you how to make a yellow, and very easy. First. Get any old plastic Lightsaber Second. Put plastic over what you hold the lightsaber Third. Get yellow spray paint and spray the uncovered part, make sure it's a plastic like yellow. Fourth. Let it dry and then you got a yellow lightsaber.

How do you construct a lightsaber?

I know that there are "make your own lightsaber" kits in toy stores like Toys R Us and Target.

How do you get the lightsaber on dead rising?

In Dead Rising 2 you need to get a flashlight and some jewels and go to a workbench to make a lightsaber

How do you make a lightsaber in clone wars adventures?

you have to upgrade your account to membership, and then go to the lightsaber customization station... ( not that I've tried it. )

Where do you get your first lightsaber in Knights Of The Old Repbublic?

When you rescue Bastila on Taris, you can use a lightsaber with her character. But after Taris, you go to a Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Soon after, you start your training, and you make your own lightsaber.

How do you make Jedi on alchemy game?


How do you make your own Star Wars lightsaber?

From what I know, some toy stores have a lightsaber-making kit which has 1,000 different designs.

How do you make a lightsaber on swkotor?

well you have to get to the jedi academy on dantooine and the masters their will train you to be a jedi after this the final task is to create your lightsaber and the game should tell you how :)

When do you get a lightsaber in Star Wars the old rebublic?

In Star Wars : The Old Republic you will be given quests to find parts of the lightsaber. After you have completed these quests you will have to go to a certain place. Then you will be able to put the parts together and make your lightsaber to use

Can the star wars clone wars lightsaber kit build two lightsabers and a double lightsaber?

No only one lightsaber or one double lightsaber.

How do you make a lightsaber online? Everything else online are guides to making an actual lightsaber. Some of them are pretty cool, but not online.

Where can you by lightsaber?

you can buy a lightsaber replica at master replicas

Who is more famous Lightsaber or Sonic the Hedgehog?


What is the balder colour of mac windus lightsaber?

Mace Windu's lightsaber color is purple. But all lightsaber blades give off a white glow along with the color of the lightsaber crystal inside, for the lightsaber produces the smell of ozone when activated

Can a lightsaber kill Superman?

no a lightsaber would not kill superman

Is there such an thing as an orange lightsaber?

yes there is such thing as a orange lightsaber

Star Wars force uleshed what is the stronger lightsaber cheat code?

enter lightsaber. its great :] enter lightsaber. its great :]