How do you make a lot of money on HorseIsle?

Here's what I did:

- Leave whatever money you have in the bank and try not to visit it for a few days, keep doing this and soon you will have gained quite a bit of interest.

- Try and get a bargain, horses in auction sometimes sell for $1- $5k

- Travel the isles instead of using the docks/carriages. If you have a ranch the carriage comes in handy ;)

- When you are travelling make sure to pick up gems and useful items, you may even capture a few horses on your journey!

- When you have about $100k - $200k, try and get a cheap 90+ Uted horse and train it until it has about 1000exp. (Training pens come in handy!) Then sell it, you will find that people will pay a lot for a nice breed with good Ut's and lots of exp. :)

- Always remember not to be too greedy though, you can still be an awesome player without having lots of money! Don't get to wrapped up in the game, money isn't everything you know :)

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