How do you make a man interested in you?

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September 30, 2007 11:00PM

simple.... 1- don't chase after him....let him chase after you. this means...let him call you.....make him wonder what you are doing

2- be mysterious and sexy

3- LISTEN to what he has to say...don't talk about yourself 24-7

4- Dont dumb yourself up....guys are not attracted to girls who try to act spacey....

5- don't constantly gossip and tell him things like " you wouldn't believe what this girl did today..." trust me...he doesn't care

6- talk about things that interest him

7- try to make him jealous..this doesn't mean sleeping around...just let him see you talking to other will bother him

8-flirt....not too much..just a little.

9- act happy WITH or witout him. act like it doesn't phase you...if he thinks you don't need him...or want him..he will want you