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How do you make a model of a bridge using Popsicle sticks and string and glue?

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2009-03-12 22:08:18
2009-03-12 22:08:18

1. START EARLY, PLAN THOROUGHLY, AND WORK STEADILY. Do not put your work off to the night before it is due. Popsicle stick bridges need time to dry property. 2. Try different constructions. Build as many versions of your prototype bridge as possible. There is a list of suggested bridges - click here. 3. Be creative and have tenacity when building your Popsicle stick bridge, but keep track of time. You may have to consider letting go of an idea so that your final design can be thoroughly tested. 4. Continually monitor the mass of your Popsicle stick bridge during construction. Wet glue weighs more than dry glue and makes weaker joints. Be sure to complete your bridge several days before it is due in order for the glue to thoroughly dry. 5. The spacing between the intersections of Popsicle greatly affects the strength of your Popsicle bridge. 6. Test each Popsicle stick BEFORE you use it. Good glue joints make for good strength. 7. Your Popsicle stick bridge's strength is also dependent on its vertical height. However, this is not to say "the higher the better", as there are limits. 8. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of a single toothpick under these three forces: COMPRESSION, TENSION, SHEER. Design your toothpick bridge to use the strengths of each toothpick as much as possible. 9. Watch out for "stress risers". Before failing, your bridge will give and bend under the load of your test weight. If you have made some parts of your toothpick bridge so strong and hard that it will not give, your toothpick bridge will fail in another area sooner than if the whole bridge were able to adjust. 10. To reduce drying time, do initial gluing with SMALL drops of glue (applied with an extra toothpick). You can go back later and reinforce these small drops with more glue after everything dries. Good luck and have fun.

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