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How do you make a model of the roman colosseum?



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Start by making some decisions like:

What scale. How big is your model going to be ?

What materials. What are you going to make your model out of ?

How detailed. An exact replica, a general impression or somewhere in between ?

Are you making a model of how it is today or how it was in the past?

Each choice you make will impact on your other choices.

Then you should draw up some plans. try to find as many photos, drawings or plans of the Colosseum as you can. The actual design of the structure of your model and the building techniques you will use will depend greatly on what material you decide to make it out of.

Because the basic structure contains so many arches, you will need a material that can be easily curved : corrugated cardboard or papier mache. The layers can be built individually and stacked, so multiple sections can be built at different locations and then assembled (careful measurement required).

How to build arches and outside wall

  • Trace around your plate or round object using a marker on the cardboard or wooden base. The Colosseum is built on a circular base.
  • Place a thin strip of clay on the base, covering the circular mark.
  • Cut a drinking straw into an arch shape, and cover it in clay to build an arch. Stick this arch on the clay base.
  • Repeat to build a second arch. Stick this on the clay base next to the first, with enough space between the two for another arch.
  • Attach a small lump of clay between the top of the two arches to make another arch shape.
  • Make enough arches to fill the entire circle, and stick them on the base.
  • Build another arch and stick it on top of the first row. Place it above one of the clay lump arches on the row below.
  • Repeat the building of straw-filled arches to fill the second row. When finished, build a third row on top of that.
  • Insert a skewer into the clay, through the inside of the Colosseum, to support the building. Repeat around the building, so that the whole building stays together.
  • Extend the top wall of the Colosseum with more clay. The topmost layer of the Colosseum is about as tall as one of the arches on the layer below, but it lacks archways.
  • Use an extra skewer to carve brickwork into the outside of the Colosseum and give it texture. Carve the arches first, and then carve brick patterns into the spaces between the arches.

How to make the inside of the Colosseum

· First, find something that can be shapes into a cone-like structure. Then make sure it will stay in place once you have it the shape you want.

· Next, take strips of clay to form the first layer of stairs and imprint the stairs on them. Next, put them on the cone and let it dry one attached to the other pieces of that row.

· Repeat until all four sections of stairs are completed.

· Don't forget to make the carvings as the picture(s) show.

· Then, attach it to the outside wall.

· Next, to make the very center, make the base of clay. Make sure it's the size you need.

· Then, take a toothpick or another piece of clay and measure how tall you want it to be. Then, make it that tall.

· Finally, make an identical piece of the base and let it dry. Then, lay it on top of the mini-wall. Make a support top underneath if needed.