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How do you make a model pyramid out of cardboard?


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make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.


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to make a model of a food pyramid take a cardboard and cut it in 3 triangles and then make a triangle shape with those triangles,then go to the web and search pic of foodpyramid

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make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.

Model temples can be constructed from cardboard by first cutting the cardboard into smaller pieces. Next the smaller pieces are folded into boxes and stacked into a design.

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Cut out four identical equilateral triangles and tape them together.

You could make it out of cardboard then to make it more realistic use a/n empty carton of eggs and cut out the little bump on the bottom then pate it onto the pyramid then paint it and there you go

You can make a pyramid out of practically anything 4rm cardboard to styrifome to even wood or metal. It is simple just cut out 4 trianlges with the same length and width. Then begin assembeling if the material you are using is wood then you should use wood glue. If its cardboard you could use a hot glue gun or liquid glue. I would not suggest stick glue because of the chance of collapsing. All tips should touch evenly at the top. Now you have yourself a pyramid.

draw a pattern of a shape of the car and cut it .

Try studying the concept of model and then start with the basic design. See and try new things that how can you depict the concept. Use cardboard to make model.

Making fake pyramids is a fun craft for school projects. Making a fact pyramid is as simple as printing up a template on parchment paper and then copy it on to cardboard. Using the cardboard as a base stack sugar cubes around it and secure it with white glue.

you take a paper towel roll and take the cardboard stick get straws and tape the m to the peice of cardboard paint it and make the arm with a paint like skin

A cardboard model in the form of cylinder can be made. The top circle being the ozone layer and the bottom being the land. You can show all phenomenon in the middle.

A working model can be made using many different materials. An idea for a project would be using cardboard to make a model of Pythagoras Theorem.

You can use a variety of materials such as clay, paper, or cardboard. Painting it will make it look more realistic.

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