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Just be yourself because that is what he should like and then when it is the right time make a move there isn't a specific right time I could tell you. You just know when it's right.

Well I think you should just be yourself and start a conversation with him. You might want to ask questions like what does he do for fun and stuff like that or tell him something funny or embarrassing that has happened to you, to show him you trust him.

I think that you should talk about a class you guys have together and if his friend is in the class bring him up and maybe say, "You and (insert friends name) were great in that game yesterday" He would probably be like yeah me and him… And you guys would maybe laugh about something he says about him. Then after he laughs just stare at him and he'll be like what and you'll be like nothing and then smile and bite your lip and look away. And then if he puts his arm around you or tries to hold your hand or touches your face lean in for the kiss. But if he doesn't do any of those things maybe it is not the right time. Because usually a boy would be like what and laugh cause your just smiling and staring at them and then you play the nothing game like oh nothing and then maybe he would just stare back and you could lean in for the kiss or maybe he would hold your hand or your waist you know. Definitely do not say something embarrassing about yourself always talk highly of yourself boys don't like the girl that's like I tripped over a girl and spilled my lunch all over myself then he might be like this isn't the girl for me.

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Q: How do you make a move on a guy you like?
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When can you tell a guy you like him?

After you bond with the guy you like, once you have done that then make your move.

What do you do if a guy you like won't make the first move to talk to you?

make the first move yourself.

Will the guy you like and like you back whos outgoing towards everyone but you want you to make the first move?

no!! you always ALWAYs wait for the guy to make the first move!

When you like a guy should the girl make the first move if the guy is too shy to do so?

yes she should make the first move is he is shy

Do girls like it when guys make the first move?

personally i like it when the guy does the first move. but its all up to what you like .

Why do men make the first move?

I am a girl and am 14 and I would like a guy to ask me at make the first move because girls like to know 4 sure that a guy likes me. But some people may think differently. I wish the guy I like would make he first move at our first dance of the year.

How do you get a guy to like you if your shy?

just give him a nice smile and make him make a move

What do you do if guy likes a girl and she doesnt like him?

Move on. You can't make someone like you.

What if the guy you like knows you like him but he doesnt like you how do you make him fall for you?

you don' move on if he isn't interested

If you know the guy that you like likes you back how do you get him to make the first move?

if he doesnt do it you do it.

How do you get a guy you like that likes you make a move?

Instead of him making the first move, you should make it. Most boys like when girls are not scared to ask anything! Go for it!

Can the outgoing guy you like who likes you too feel like you like him but be unsure about if you like him and not make the first move?


How can you make the guy you like want you and please dont say well you cant make a guy like you?

All I can say is be yourself and if he doesn't like you for that then you move on because you don't want to act like someone your not just for a guy believe me i know.

What if the guy you like pretends to like someone else?

Forget it and move on and make sure he knows you moved on

What kind of move should the guy make?

In my opinion the guy should make the first move on the first kiss.

Should you ask out a guy or wait for him to make the first move?

Ask him out, guys like that.

How do you date a guy you really like?

if he askes you out, let him make the first move then take it from there.

Do guys like it when girls make the first move?


What will a guy do if he wants to show you he's too shy and wants you to make a move?

if he hints to you that he like you but wont make any major move and if that's being done for a long time it you who has to make the move.

What do you do if you really like a guy and wishes he asks you out?

keep looking at him, he will notice you are admiring him and he will make a move

Would a younger guy want you to make the first move or should you wait for him?

the yonger guy would probably want u 2 make the 1st move because he probably wants a sign that u like him.

How can you get a guy to make the first move?

If you "get" him to make the first move, you have really made the first move, haven't you?

If a guy lingers around you does he like you?

If a guy lingers around you, it is likely that he does like you. If you are interested in him, you could wait for him to make the first move or go ahead and ask him out yourself.

What do you do if the guy you like and dating has a girlfriend now?

if the guy you like is dating his new girl friend you should tell him your feallings and then when he is over that girl you can make your move and pounce like a cheeta

Does she want you to make a move?

Girls generally prefer the guy to make the first move.