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with a viza

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โˆ™ 2008-02-08 19:00:03
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Q: How do you make a pipe silencer for a viza v2 40cc gas scooterthanks?
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Who makes Kawasaki kdx exhaust?

I have an after market FMF pipe and silencer on mine.

What is the exhaust pipe with holes in it called?

it is called a silencer which makes the exhaust less noisier

Do mufflers make bikes quicker?

it depends on what kind of bike...if your talking about a dirt bike you can get a silencer pipe from fmf that is much cheaper than a whole exhaust that will make it much quieter.

What is The Best Racing Parts for A CR 125?

FMF Gnarly pipe and a Pro Circuit r304 silencer

How do you make a silencer?

First, you need to make sure you stay out of prison.You start by figuring out if they are legal in your state. Don't trust the word of a friend, or some guy at the gunshop. Read the actual statutes, most states have them online. Look for "silencer" or "suppressor". I only know about Minnesota. They are not legal here.Once you know you won't go to to state prison for this, you need to make sure you won't go to federal prison. You do this by submitting ATF Form 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm, to the Bureau of ATF, NFA Branch, along with a check or money order for $200 and getting their approval.Once this is done, and you have the application with the canceled tax stamp in hand, you can go and make your silencer.The simplest silencer is a length of pipe with caps and several rubber baffles inside.

How do you make pipe in little alchemy?

make pipe

What sound does a waste pipe make?

Does a silencer hurt horsepower?

If the silencer is made for your model and year of your bike and you service it regularly, it will not hurt horsepower output. Also, if you buy after market silencers, using the cheaper ones that fit a size pipe are not engineered for your motor, they are engineered to silence. many after market silencers create back pressure, this pressure makes the motor work harder, thus robbing horsepower from the rear wheel, its using some HP to push the gases through said silencer. Use the silencer that is designed for your motor.

Why different cars have different noise?

Because of the type of engine, and how the exhaust is made. If take away the silencer on the exhaust pipe, you will get a whole different sound. And If the engine has for example a four cylindre, it will make a nicer, and not so deep sound. With a 8 cylindre engine , it will make a more dark and "groggy" sound.

What sound does an organ pipe cactus make?

Organ pipe cacti make no noise.

How do you fix a dirt bike after it goes under water?

You want to get the water out as quickly as possible after submerging your bike. First, take your pipe and silencer off and drain all of the water out, next take your spark plug out and begin kicking all of the water out of the cylinder. Make sure you get all of the water out before replacing the plug, either a new plug or make sure the plug you pulled out is dried, and putting the pipe and silencer back on. Then take your air filter and wring as much water out as you can before replacing. If you are on the trail you can now start it up and ride it (change the oil as soon as you get home), if you are at home change the oil.

What has the author A W Morley written?

A. W. Morley has written: 'Variation of exhaust gas temperature along the tail pipe of a Moth aircraft, and the effect of a simple silencer' 'Aircraft propulsion'

Is there packing inside of the pipe not the silencer?

No. there is only packing in the silencer, if you experience problems with your ATV Or motorcycle in the region of it not going as fast as it can just take the silencer off and see if it will go faster i have had the same problem with my Yamaha Blaster i just took it off and it improved 100% but do not leave it off either buy a new one or get it repaired bc if you leave it off it WILL effect your piston by blowing it up in most cases. If you have anymore questions send me a question.

How do you make a PVC pipe flute?

when you want to make these COOL things you need to make some holes in a pipe and put an end cap on it and walla you have yourself a PVC pipe flute

How you make connection between HDPE pipe and GI pipe?

How you make connection between HDPE pipe and GI pipe?what is the fittings are required?Read more: How_you_make_connection_between_HDPE_pipe_and_GI_pipe

How to make exhaust louder?

is it possible to cut your exhaust pipe to make it louder is it possible to cut your exhaust pipe to make it louder

What materials are used to make a Bladder pipe?

I believe pigs are used to make the bladder part of the bladder pipe

Pipe plugs on a harley?

Pipe Plugs????? are you trying to make a flame thrower?

How fast is 1999 Yamaha blaster with a 240 big bore kit and a full fmf pipe with an fmf silencer?

It´s so fast, you can kill any 400. With mine, i´ve killed z400 and trx400

What is an MIP adapter?

Male Iron Pipe Adapter. This means it has male pipe threads and will adapt to either PVC pipe, Poly pipe or a few other types of pipe to make a transition from threaded pipe to something else.

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California makes steel pipe and tubes

Does Illinois make steel pipe and tubes?

Illinois makes steel pipe and tubes

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Make the pipe longer or shorter.

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What is the difference between seamless and welded pipe fittings?

welded pipe is a pipe made joining using weld metal to make it a pipe..and a seamless is made like moulding