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How do you make a scrapbook?

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2008-09-07 18:28:03

Get a scrapbook and put stuf you like in it Today, you have to

go to a scrapbooking store to buy a fancy album, archival qualilty

document holders, themed pages, stickers, stamps, hole punches,

etc. It also helps to buy a computer program that will help you put

all this stuff together. And you can even take classes or attend

workshops to learn how to do it "right". More. you can buy

scrapbooking kits and all you have to do it put in photo . but you

will need to select a theme, colour,papers. it will also depend on

what types of scrapbook you want baby scrapbook, wedding or

birthday You can also create a digital scrapbook online using a

service such as CropMom. Just upload your photos. Then use their

scrapbook graphics to make the layout. You can get the

high-resolution file for printing. That makes it easy because you

can print as many as you'd like.

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