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Please comment on my sentence.


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Under the advisement of my lawyer I can' make a comment at this time.

You're question is already a sentence that is using the word legislative. (Actually your question, this answer and this comment are all using the word legislative)

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Yes, you can make a sentence using the word infanticide.

Answer this question… How do you make a sentence using the word manipulation

this is a sentence using the word armchair.

He doesn't seem unperturbed by the comment Eric made.

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This is a sentence using the word stanza.

Yes of course;"Can you make a sentence using the word patriarchy?" hahahh. that was funny.

sentence:The questionnaire in the papers are useful in the comment:I wish I help you....

Yes, a sentence can be made using the word "subaquatic". An example in a sentence of the word in the sentence "a marginal subaquatic flora".

The word "aptly" is the adverb form of the word "apt. " An example of a sentence using the word "aptly" is "I heard your comment to the supervisor, it was very aptly put. "

The comment he made at dinner the other night was very misleading.

When he made a rude comment about my wife, I knew there would be an altercation.

When I made the comment, she looked most offended, but she will always misunderstand my comments!

can u make a sentence with weary in it.

This sentence does not make any sense.

Your teacher taught you what the word meant. I taught you how to make a sentence.

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A sentence using the word element in it: There is 50 kinds of different elements

I don't want to make a sentence with the word evolution

Go. This is a sentence made using a single word. This the shortest sentence in English.

There is no such word in English.

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