How do you make a site like lockerz or swagbucks?

Its pretty simple if you use a program like Clickteam Multimedia Fusion. I would use lacewing, create a server (lacewing-based) in a frame in Fusion and a client program separately. I would then program how the two programs talk to each other (over the lacewing server) and store all of my files server-side for security. You would then want to Program the search engine (I do not know how, but I will look into it) and make it so the client sends the points won to the server whenever it gets triggered (it is up to you to decide when to trigger it). Lastly, you would make an e-shop containing all of the free prizes that emails you with user info whenever a user buys a product so you know when to buy it. All revenue would be made through ads that you place on the applet (you embed this into your site using vitilize, since that is compatible) and then advertise your new site.