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I believe phenolpthalien (sp?) is a universal indicator. It turns blue for bases, and red for acids...

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Why it is called universal indicator?

why universal indicator is called universal indicator?

Do alkalis make a universal indicator turn green?

The alkali makes a universal indicator turn blue.

What does an alkali make a universal indicator turn?


How does universal indicator work?

The universal indicator works by showing smooth color changes in a given pH range. It is a pH indicator that has various compounds that make up a solution.

Why is universal indicator a better indicator to use than litmus indicator?

Universal indicator gives the pH of the solution.

What effect does an acid have on universal indicator?

It turns the universal indicator red

When was universal indicator invented?

The universal Indicator was invented in 1923 by Yamada

What is the colour of the universal indicator itself?

at is the color of universal indicator itself

What color does ascorbic acid and universal indicator make?


When was Universal Indicator Blue created?

Universal Indicator Blue was created in 1992.

When was Universal Indicator Red created?

Universal Indicator Red was created in 1993.

What effect does and alkali have on an universal indicator?

It turns the universal indicator purple or blue.

When was Universal Indicator Green created?

Universal Indicator Green was created in 1995.

When was Universal Indicator Yellow created?

Universal Indicator Yellow was created in 1993.

What can be added to hydrochloric acid to make it turn red?

Universal Indicator turns concentrated HCl red because Universal Indicator turns strong acids reds.

What is universal indicator state the purpose for which this indicator is used?

Universal Indicator is used to test for the acidity of a solution, because the universal indicator has a wider range of pH that it can explain why a substance is acidic or basic.

What will be the colour of universal indicator in alchol?

Try and see; I don't know what 'universal indicator' is.

Color of ammonia in universal indicator?

colour of ammonia in universal indicator would be blue.

Why does universal indicator not always give an accurate result?

Universal indicator is just that - an indicator. It is not intended as an accurate measurement system.

What is the specific name of universal indicator?

Universal indicator is a type of chemical that helps changes colour through acids and bases. Also there is no specific name of a universal indicator.

What happens when you add universal indicator to sulfuric acid?

It turns the universal indicator to scale 1

What colour would hydrochloric acid be in a universal indicator?

In the universal indicator, hydrochloric acid will be red.

Why is the universal indicator better than other indicators?

A universal indicator can by used in any solution.

Why is water used as the universal indicator?

Water is NOT Universal Indicator. Water is often referred to as a Universal Solvent as a large number of substances are soluble in it. Universal Indicator is a chemical agent that can be used to test the pH of a liquid.

Is sugar an acid or alkali when mixed with universal indicator?

sugar is a acid when dipped or mixed in universal indicator...............

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