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You can't really make a video IN minecraft. You have to buy a program like Fraps that records your Minecraft gameplay.

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How do you make a video of Minecraft?

To make a video of you playing Minecraft, a screen recorder is highly recommended. There are some free screen recording software out on The Internet, like Fraps and BandiCam.

What stores can you find Minecraft in?

You have to buy Minecraft from Team Mojang online. Supposedly Minecraft will make its video game debut in November 2011.

Who was the first person to make a Minecraft video on YouTube?

Markus 'Notch' Persson, under the username Nizzotch, was the first person to upload a Minecraft video to Youtube. However, the first Minecraft 'Lets Play' was uploaded by Paulsoaresjr.

What is a video game server?

a video game server, for example:you can make your own server on minecraft and you can join someones

What stores carry Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game you buy from Team Mojang of the internet. But at various video game gatherings it is supposedly going to make its video game debut on the XBOX360 in November.

How do you make cheese in Minecraft?

There is no cheese in Minecraft. If you saw it in a YouTube video, it was probably a Mod installed but you can get milk by hitting a cow without a mod.

What was Toby turner's first Minecraft video?

Toby Turner's first Minecraft video is called "Minecraft - Brother Pig - Part 1"

What to film in Minecraft?

Time Lapse Trailers Minecraft Parody Video on Minecraft Tutorials Play Minecraft Videos Show Your Building Redstone Tutorials Video on Tekkit (A whole new world of minecraft) Your Mod & Texture Packs Movies! Minecraft Records Video about your server A way to catch a mob! Thats all for now :)

What minecraft does Don't Mine At Night take place in?

The music video "Don't mine at night" is completely CG and doesn't use minecraft.someone made 3d models of the characters and world and animate it to make that video.

What can you do with gold nuggets in minecraft the video game?

Gold Nuggets can be combined with Melon, to make Glistering Melon.

How do you make a really good fort on minecraft?

Youtube or Yahoo/Google "Minecraft forts", there are some AWSOME one's out there, just take a close look, you can always pause the video.

How do you make a minecraft beta server on a mac?

Do what the wedsite says, then look up a youtube video, which will tell you what to furthermore do.

Why are there so many minecraft videos on youtube?

Minecraft is a very popular video game.

What is the most popular Minecraft video?

The yogscast are one of the most popular minecraft videos

What is the syndicate projects gamertag?

Tom Syndicates gamertag in Minecraft is SynHD :) Found out in minecraft video "Minecraft is just awesome."

I need a free app so i can record what im doing on mcpe and make a video please help?

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a recording app, that can record what you are doing on the MCPE and help you make a video.

How do you make a legal Minecraft modded survival video?

Download and install the desired mods, record you using them in Survival, upload the video to YouTube. Nothing about modding is illegal.

Is min is minecraft a video game game?

Yes, Minecraft is a video game. It is currently available on PC, Android, Xbox 360 and Raspberry Pi

What is there a Minecraft for?

Minecraft is for gaming entertainment.if you ever played a video game before you would know.

How do you fix the bad video card error on minecraft?

Perform a windows update, and make sure you have the latest version of java

Why did you make Minecraft?

Notch made it,not me!

What was the first ever Minecraft video?

youtube.com/watch?v=F9t3FREAZ-k&feature=plcp This is the first ever video of Minecraft, on Notch's youtube account.

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