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How do you make all your Pokemon have 999 stats?


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March 11, 2012 9:29PM

There is a way! You will need this to pass the limit of 512

120847F4 0000FFFF

Then use these at the same time as the code above:

HP Up raises HP to max

12084576 000046C0

12084AFC 000020FF

Protein raises attack to max

120845E2 000046C0

12084B5C 000020FF

Same thing with defense (Iron)

1208464E 000046C0

12084BBC 000020FF

And Sp. Def (Zinc)

12084796 000046C0

12084CDC 000020FF

Calcium Raises Sp Attack to max

1208472A 000046C0

12084C7C 000020FF

And Carbos raises speed to max

120846BC 000046C0

12084C1C 000020FF

...It may take a while

Update: Not only does this not work, but using all of them at once permanently damages your save file.