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There is a way! You will need this to pass the limit of 512

120847F4 0000FFFF

Then use these at the same time as the code above:

HP Up raises HP to max

12084576 000046C0

12084AFC 000020FF

Protein raises attack to max

120845E2 000046C0

12084B5C 000020FF

Same thing with defense (Iron)

1208464E 000046C0

12084BBC 000020FF

And Sp. Def (Zinc)

12084796 000046C0

12084CDC 000020FF

Calcium Raises Sp Attack to max

1208472A 000046C0

12084C7C 000020FF

And Carbos raises speed to max

120846BC 000046C0

12084C1C 000020FF

...It may take a while

Update: Not only does this not work, but using all of them at once permanently damages your save file.

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How do you make all stats 999 pokemon white?

Action replay or hacks.

How do you get a Pokemon with all 999 stats?

use a action replay

Is there an action replay code for 999 stats for all Pokemon for Pokemon pearl?

yes .... you just have to find it

1 hit kill Pokemon emerald gameshark?

I own the gameshark and I was thinking of that too. The truth is, there is no jack for automatically 1 hitting another Pokemon. But, there is a hack for getting 999 on all you pokemons stats. There is 999 stats Pokemon party member1, 999 stats Pokemon party member 2 and so on. So there's no direct one hit KO but with that hack you can come pretty close.

How can you make in Pokemon diamond all your pokemons have 999 in all their stats?

using a cheat code from a gameshark or action replay etc.. i believe they only have it as long as cheat is active though

Ar cheat to make all your pokemons stats 999?

No, there isn't any. No, there isn't any.

Is there a cheat to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

no but there is a cheat to get 999 master balls but you have to battle or trade them all

On Pokemon soulsilver will the arceus code mess up your game?

Depends......Is it a "ALL STATS 999!" If so then, yes it will Bad Egg your game.

What is the cheat for 999 of all items in Pokemon Diamond?


How to get 999 rare candies and masterballs in Pokemon diamond?

So far no one has found a glitch or cheat codes to get 999 rare candies or 999 masterballs, I say just get the action replay my freind got it and he had one sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss hell of a clean lvl 100 Pokemons with all stats at 999!

What is the action replay code for Deoxys attack form with 999stats?

I don't know the code for the Deoxyz But i know how to get a deoxyz with all 999 stats all you have to do is go on Pokesav and download it to your computer than from there its pretty easy to figure out what to do. But you must make sure that there is no other Pokemon in your party and make sure you choose the first Pokemon in your party is a bad Pokemon that you don't want!

Can you get a mewto in Pokemon Diamond?

if your question is a normal game, no. but if there is an action replay. you can get him..... all the pokemon!. it is a cheat device that allows you to get 999 rare candys, get all the pokemon, 999 full restore, run anywhere, and many more codes as you can find.

How many Rare Candies can you get in Platinum?

All items limit to 999 in your bag. Also, Rare Candies are not so great. Sure, they level up your Pokemon, but the stats of the Pokemon are weaker when they level up in battle.

Can someone make me a short Pokemon platinum code for all Pokemon to have max stats i mean 9999?


Pokemon pearl code that makes all of your Pokemon lv 100?

the code i don't know i don't have it the code is some thing that gives you 999 rare candies and 999 master balls enjoy.

What is the action replay code for 999 all pokeballs in Pokemon soul silver?

There is none yet.

How do you get infinite health with Pokemon Sapphire?

With a gameshark code im traking it down as we speak but for now enter this master code de00aafd 2ebd05d0 b4564efe 23f44bf2 then enter this for the first slot Pokemon with MAX stats 999 health 999 pp for all things ETC.. 1d402457 62ef847e 45e7aab2 52553e86 8d4686f5 149a4baa cb4da209 d4fac5dc

What is the code to catch all Pokemon in Pokemon diomand?

There is no code to get all. You can get all with action replay, but you must catch them one by one and also you can have 999 masterballs if your having trouble catching them.

Is there an action replay code for 999 all stats?

I don't think so but there is one for 999 rare candies. Youtube is good for AR, try it there might be one!=)

What is the ar for all level 100 Pokemon for soul silver?

you need to have at least 999 rare candies (this works for all games).

Anycheats in Pokemon Diamond?

There are no cheats in Pokemon diamond, although you can buy action replay and get all of the cheats possible like: Every Pokemon,999 Master Balls ETC

Where to get all the rare candys on Pokemon ruby?

wow, ive i quit pokemon for years but ill tell you search all the hiding pokeballs thingys then click on it and yea, or you can hack and have 999 rare candies all my pokemon are lv 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you get 999 master balls on Pokemon sapphire?

1.Action Replay2.gameshark3.codebreakerthat is all

Is there an action replay code for Pokemon Diamond to get 999 shiny stones?

yes, all you half to do is #1 get your AR connoted to the computer and make sure the disk is in. #2 Go down in the P's and look for Pokemon Diamond #3 look at the AR list cheat items and you will find 999 shiny stones and put that code on there and you are good to go

Pokemon DP Cheats?

I have the Action Replay and here are some codes.Walkthrough walls,all Pokemon are shiny,all 493 Pokemon,999 rare candies,999 master balls,Pokemon modifier,(Best code ever),manaphey event,arceus event,darkria event,shaymin event,one hit kill,restore health in battle.This is some codes I have.from:pokeboy10