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How to make a apple in minecraft pe

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Punch leaves

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How do you make a sign on Minecraft pe?

There are not yet signs in minecraft pe but there will be in v0.6.0

How do you make a furnace in Minecraft pe?

You can't make a furnace in minecraft pe. In the next update you can though.

How do you make a crafting table in Minecraft PE?

You can't. Minecraft PE is a in-proper version of minecraft where you cannot craft.

How do you make a boat in minecraft pe?

You cannot make a boat on Console Edition Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Can you make a boat in Minecraft pe?

No, you cannot make a boat in Minecraft PE. Hopefully, an update will allow for a boat soon.

How do you make stonecutter in Minecraft?

Stonecutters can only be crafted on minecraft PE, and in minecraft PE I think you'll need stone and iron.

Can you make a snow golem in Minecraft PE?

As of yet, you cannot make a snow golem in Minecraft PE. This will come in a future update.

How do you activate a nether portal in Minecraft PE?

there are no nether portals in minecraft PE. you can make a nether reactor, though.

How do you make a herobrine spawner in minecraft pe?

You can't mod Minecraft PE, there's no way to add Herobrine into it.

How do you make apple pie in Minecraft?

You cannot make apple pie in vanilla minecraft

How do you make gunpowder in Minecraft PE?

You can't.... Notch haven't add Creepers in PE.

How do you get minecraft pocket edition?

If you have an Apple Mobile Device, you simply search "Minecraft PE" in the App store and tap "purchase". You will then have to type in your Apple ID password and then the app will download.

How do you get a portal in Minecraft pe?

There is no nether in Minecraft PE at the moment.

What is a flat land seed for Minecraft PE?

Jhonny golden apple (spelled exactly like that)

How do you use and capture apple in minecraft pe?

you can get apples by mining trees. and you can use it by training horses

How do you make a lever in minecraft pocket edition?

Uh, ya there no levers in minecraft pe....

How do you get Minecraft pe updates?

You go to the App Store and go to the updates section, if there is an update for Minecraft PE you'll see it, tap it and click update. Enter your apple ID password and it will start updating.

Will there be fireworks in Minecraft PE?

Yes there will be in Minecraft PE. It will happen soon.

Are there ducks in Minecraft pe mods?

there are no mods in minecraft pe i hope there will be

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