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we can make talba shells as an alternative solution of many things. like for example: talaba shells can be alternative solution of bleach. talaba shells contain aniacid and calium carbonate. we can make talba shells as an alternative solution of many things. like for example: talaba shells can be alternative solution of bleach. talaba shells contain aniacid and calium carbonate.

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Q: How do you make an investigatory project using talaba shell?
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What do you mean by investigatory project?

An investigatory project is the type of project that tries to find answers for questions using scientific methods. Investigatory projects are problem-solving projects.

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investigatory project using microscope

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A cool investigatory project that you can do is using cooking oil as a substitute for diesel. There is vast information that you can use to try out this project.

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You can have your investigatory project by using neem tree it can be made by cooking oil, pestiMcide,insecticide and others

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An investigatory project is a planned experiment for the purposes of research. One investigatory project using a spectrometer would be to use the instrument in order to determine the glucose levels of different types of foods.

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Recycled Carton Boxes is a good sample investigatory project in Physics. Using potatoes as a source of energy is another good project.

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An investigatory project is a science experiment which starts with a problem that is investigated to determine how to solve it using a scientific method and what you think the outcome will be. An example of an investigatory project might be ways to purify cooking oil.

May investigatory project ba about insecticide using onion?


How do you make the title page of an investigatory project?

You can make the title page of an investigatory project by using computer software. Many software programs have sample title pages to choose from.

Examples of easy investigatory projects?

How about using a turmeric as a highlighter ink, huh? My sister did that as her Investigatory Project and it worked. Ha, see?

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You can make your title for your Math Investigatory project Êbased on your main point of investigation or simply what question you are trying to answer. Using your question for a title is always the best answer.

What are the importance of investigatory projects?

why investigatory project is important?To provide students practical experience in using the scientific method and helpstimulate their interest in scientific inquiry.

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variation in current flow due nto ldr

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Banana Peel Biomass Briquettes Fuel Efficiency

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A example of a project that can be done on a banana leaf includes using the leaf as shoe polish and investigating how it is possible to do so.

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ewan bkt alm mou BY: H!KAR! AND ke!

Meaning of an investigatory project?

An Investigatory Project is an activity mostly done in school. It is an investigation about a scientific/other topics. It is also a problem-solving process using a scientific method. For more info please check out my reference:

How do you make a investigatory project using a ampalaya leaves?

ampalaya leaves is riched in vitamin c that use in treating cough and cold

Can you give me physics investigatory project using electricity can i have the answer now or as soon as possible pleasei really need it...?

You can conduct a physics investigatory project on potatoes being used as a form of electricity. In addition, the effect of using potatoes as a source of electricity on the environment can be observed. Copper and zinc electrodes enable the juice of the potato to generate electricity.

What is a sample of an investigatory project related to biology?

Investigate what kills ants. Example: Using spices vs. brand name poison to kill them.

Investigatory project related in chemistry?

Investigatory projects related to chemistry can include experiments using chromatography, which can be done with liquids or gases. Another would be to run experiments on how the chemical composition of household items change in varying temperatures.

How do you define investigatory projects?

Investigatory projects are projects which are done systematically. In investigatory projects, the projects are done using scientific methods that is why most of these projects are related to science.

How can you make an investigatory project using onions or garlic to produce a glue?

You can investigate whether these two ingredients can actually make glue. Start with a question and have a list of steps that you are going to use.

What are the example of SIP in Physics?

A SIP in physics is a science investigatory project. Some great examples include using an orange peel as an antibacterial hand cleaner and creating your own simple AC generator.