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You just hit play and it plays. It doesn't require speakers or headphones to play. However, if you want to hear it you need to use speakers or headphones.

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Q: How do you make an ipod touch play music without speakers or headphones?
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Does the iPod touch 3g have a speaker?

It doesn't come with speakers, but you can play music out loud since the iPod Touch does come with a small built-in speaker to play music without headphones.

Can the ipod touch 4generation play music without headphones?

yes it has a speaker so you can listen to music without the headphones

How do you turn your iPod speakers off?

You cannot disable the internal iPod Touch speakers. When you are playing music without the headphones, it will automatically play out loud. Just mute the iPod to temporarily turn then 'off'.

Can you play mp3 player without headphones?

You can use a 2nd Gen iPod Touch, or iPhone, which has built in speakers, or plug you MP3 player into a speekers. If you don't have either of these you will need the headphones.

Can the ipod touch 1st generation play music without headphones?

no but the other generations can

Are headphones necessary for listening to an iTouch?

The 2nd Generation iPod Touch has built in speakers, but all other generations of the iPod Touch will require headphones or speakers in order to listen to audio

Can the iPod Nano play music without headphones?

The iPhone can play music without headphones and so can the second generation iPod touch, but the iPod nano needs headphones. Some decent ones should have come in the box unless you bought it second hand.thats not true i have an ipod nano, and it plays without headphones!!The ipod nano 5th genereation (latest model) without headphones although the sound quality isn't as good as with headphones. (Note previous generations of ipod nanos do not have an inbuilt speaker, therefore cannot play music without headphones unless you buy a dock/speakers)

Where are the speakers located on a 3rd gen iPod touch?

The speakers are located beneath the screen of the iPod Touch. When headphones are not connected to the iPod Touch, the sounds are loudest at the headphone jack slot.

Can ipod touch 2g play music using headphones?

Yes, all iPods can play music using headphones.

How can you play music through ipod touch without earphones?

First, you must have the newer iPod touch. As long as your headphones are not connected, it will play through its built in speaker.

Can you listen to music on a i pod touch with out headphones?


Will you always need headphones for your iPod?

No. Some iPod's come with speakers such as the iPhone, iPod Touch.

Are iPod earbuds better than headphones?

I think the best option and headphones especially if you move towards a headset intra-ariculares they are magnificent apple makes the sound much better and not spoil the voice or the touch of music, but if you want to listen with your friends or a party use the speakers

How do you make your ipod nano play songs without headphones?

well my ipod nano dosent play songs without headphones so no their is no way on its own to display music on your ipod touch. btw im only 12 so even i can figure that out.

How can you get your ipod touch to play out loud?

Unplug the headphones when listening to music.

Can the ipod touch second generation play music without headphones?

Yes it will. DO NOT CHANGE THIS ANSWER BECAUSE I HAVE A 2ND GENERATION IPOD TOUCH AND IT DOES, OK... (different person) He is right I agree

Can an ipod touch play music without headphones?

If you're thinking of getting a 2nd generation iPod Touch, then no, it can't. However the new 3rd generation iTouches can (I found this out by accident). The 2nd generation iTouch plays external music as well.

Can you use iPod touch 1st gen without headphones?

You can use the headphones for something else; or give them to someone else.

How do you play a song on an ipod without ear buds?

Only the iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation can play music out loud without ear buds, since they have built-in speakers.

Is FM radio on chocolate touch free?

Yes, the FM Radio is free! But you have to plug in headphones to make the radio work because the LG Chocolate Touch uses the wires of the headphones as an antenna. However, you still have the option of listening through the phone's speakers instead of the headphone's speakers... as long as some sort of headphones are at least plugged into the headphone slot (even broken headphones would work! as long as there is still wire going into the phone's headphone slot)! Very fun phone! Source: I own a LG Chocolate Touch VX-8575

How do you stop the music playing on your ipod touch on the speaker and headphones at the same time?

by plugin your headphones properly... make sure the jack is complitelly in the hole

Does the iPod Touch 8gb second generation have built-in speakers?

Yes, the iPod Touch 8gb 2nd generation has built-in speakers, and can play music out loud.

How do you get an Ipod touch first generation to play music out loud?

do you mean a built in speaker? well, you cant play music on a 1st generation ipod touch out loud, because it does not have built in speakers. its the second genertation that has speakers.

What does the docking station do from a iPod Touch do?

You can charge your iPod Touch in it and if it has speakers then you can listen to music and videos .etc!

Does the iPod touch come with speakers?

No, iPod Touch comes with external speakers.However, the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch come with internal speakers to play music and sounds out loud.