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Q: How do you make an oragami horse?
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Who was the first person to make oragami?

Ammon frost was the first oragami master

How do you make oragami spike balls?

You go to youtube and type in how to make oragami spike balls and see what the magical internet provides for you.

How do you make a kudo Sama oragami flower?

If you buy a oragami set from a store it may have all different directions on how to make millions of things! I have this set. If you're ready for a oragami challenge this would be great for you!

How do you make a paper T shirt?

You can find that answer in an oragami book.

How do you make a paper T-shirt?

You can find that answer in an oragami book.

How do you make an octahedron?

look on youtube they explain it their name is i heart oragami

How do you make 3 dimensional shapes with paper?

Look up Oragami

How do you make an oragami elephant?

I don't know how, I'm just a beginner. But I'm sure that if you searched oragami elephant on youtube or something, it would bring up a step by step instruction video. I know they are possible to make, because I've seen pictures of oragami elephants made out of dollar bills.

How do you make an origami rose cube without video?

how do you make a oragami magic rose cube

Why is oragami so popular in Japan?

Oragami is popular in Japan because it is its starting region. there are millions of oragami that you can find on youtube if you watch a vid. or look on ggogle

How do people today use aluminum?

my freind uses it to make cool animals with oragami

What can you make from paper?

airplanes paper fish flowers snoflakes oragami fan poster anything