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putting lemon juice in ur hair and sitting out in the sun is menna work.

Answertry sunsilk shampoo for blondes, this really works!!

Good luck! =D

Answeryou could try washing it in Beer I've heard that that works AnswerWash your hair using camomille infusions ,effective and 100% natural. Some shampoo brands sell some camomille-based products. Try "Klorane" ,for blond hair for exemple..


use lemon juice I did it today and yesterday and my hair is so much lighter I would do it again. What I did was squeeze 5 lemons and it put a little bit of water and some olive oil (so it wont dry the hair out) and I mixed it in a big bowl and I dipped my head to soak my hair in it and then sat in direct sun light for over 1 hour and a half and let it sit about 30 min after and my hair is amazing!

Or if your up to it take a comb while in the shower appily any shampoo that you have while washing out the shampoo comb through your hair which helps clean any other particles that are still in your hair(: do the same with condtioner ive did this for awhile now and i think it works.

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Q: How do you make blonde hair lighter naturally?
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I already have naturally really light golden blonde hair and i want lighter Will my hair turn more like yellow if i put lemon in it?

If you already have a naturally golden blonde hair, and you want it lighter, putting lemon on it will not make it more yellowish.

Does blonde hair dye make black hair lighter?

No.You will have to bleach your hair if you want it lighter

How do you make your hair blonde from brown?

You use hair dye... to dye it.

How do you make your hair lighter?

This way you won't have to damage your hair with harsh chemicals squeeze lemon to your hair on a sunny day go outside for an hour or two sitting down then it will go lighter. (trust me it works i tyred it my hair used to be dark blonde but now it light blonde).

How do you make your arm hair lighter naturally?

If you use hydrogen peroxide it works great!

How can i make blonde hair lighter naturally?

well theres the old fashioned way, which is put lemon juice in ur hair and sit out in the sun for awhile, or you could just go out in the sun without anything on ur hair. some peoples hair absorbs the sun better than others.

I am being a barbie for Halloween and need blonde hair but I have brown hair and I don't want a cheap wig but i cant dye my hair....?

Put peroxide in it and it will NATERALY make it lighter.

What hair color should I apply on my dark brown hair to get a dark blonde result without any copper undertones?

you can't make your hair lighter without bleaching it. color does not lift color. you can only put dark on a lighter color.

If you have blue eyes and dark blonde hair should you dye your hair lighter or darker?

Coloring your hair a darker color will really make your blue eyes POP! Go for a level 5, (since I have a feeling you're naturally a level 6). I'm sure a level 5 will flatter your features nicely.

How can you make blonde hair lighter?

put lemon juice in your hair and sit out in the sun for 10 to 15 min then was out lemon juice do this once every two weeks

What hair color best fits light brown eyes and light tan complexion with natural dark blonde hair?

As you have naturally moussy hair you're very lucky it will be easy to dye your hair any colour. I would say that as summer is coming getting soft highlights a few shades lighter than normal colour. If it like it then you can easily make it another few shades lighter and so on Have fun :)

How can you make blonde hair blonder without dyeing it?

the sun makes it lighter, lemon juice, and my personal favorite salt water at the beach.

How do you make your hair naturally curly?

Well... If you were not born with naturally curly hair, You will never have naturally curly hair.

What does a recessive trait for blonde hair and a recessive trait for red hair make?

This may cause a lighter red or a darker blonde. actually that isn't true. it depends on which one is the dominant trait. which one is homozygous which one is heterozygous. it all depends.

Is it possible to dye your hair blonde without chemicals or dye?

Yes go swimming and let your hair dry in the sunlight it doesn't work for all brunette though It will make it lighter.

How do you touch up dark new growth to blonde at home?

You can't do it yourself. If you put blondening on the already blonde hair it will make it lighter and it will be a different colour. Go to the salon, they will do it and you won't have to worry about the outcome.

Will tanning make your hair look blonder?

Yes it does! My skin color is a light tan and i have naturally dirty blonde hair; but in the summer it goes very very light blonde if i go out side a lot or go to the pool or beach. So the answer is YES! :)

How can you make your hair blonde on the top and brown on the bottem?

If you have naturally blonde hair then die your hair brown, your blnde roots satrt to show then it then the brown starts to grow out. This causes the top part of your hair to be your natural colour (blonde) and the bottom half to be the colour you died it (brown). talk to your hairdresser though. There may be a way to have it properly done without having to do the above.

What is a chemical to make hair lighter?

Hydrogen peroxide are mixed with dye and or lightener/bleach to make your hair lighter.

How do you get dirty blonde hair to blonde hair without dying OR bleaching it?

Well when its summer dirty blonde hair usually turns blonder from the sun but that wont make it blonde you may want. Really you should dye it to get it blonde not bleach it get blonde highlights.

What can be used on light brown hair to make it dark beige blonde OR med.neutral blonde?

Just keep your hair brown. I have blonde hair but u also can use bleach

What is bleaching your hair?

It makes your hair lighter so if I have dark brown hair it will make it a more lighter brown

What if your hair is very dark brown how light can it be colored?

as light as you want it.. if your looking at bright jessica Simpson blonde, then you need born blonde/blonde bleach... it depends on what color you are going for.. and make sure you leave it on LONGER then it says, to get a brighter lighter color

How can you make your hair lighter?

If the sun is shining, stay out because the sun can turn your hair lighter

How do you make your hair go lighter?

You need to bleach your hair if you want to go lighter in color.