How do you make coffee in coffee press?

Put water on the stove to heat. Grind whole coffee beans in $20 electric grinder (expensive burr grinder is completely unnecessary). I fill my grinder to maximum capacity, but my coffee professional friend uses twice (!) as much. My press is 32 oz (large, but not extra large). Pour ground coffee into press.

Slightly before the water boils, pour it into the press, over the ground coffee. Make sure all the ground coffee gets wet.


After exactly 60 seconds, stir the coffee/liquid sufficiently to fully break up the 'crust' which has formed on the top. [The purpose of this is to get the coffee grounds to sink to the bottom, thereby making it easier to 'press' the coffee.]

After exactly 120 seconds more (total brewing time 180 seconds - NO MORE!) press the coffee (i.e., put the lid/sieve on the press, and press it slowly down as far as possible).

Pour the coffee immediately. If you are not serving it at once, use a thermos.

Explanation: you only need to 'brew' the coffee for 3 minutes (not 4), because all the coffee is 100% immersed in near-boiling water. Stirring is only necessary to make 'pressing' easier. Pouring off the coffee eliminates additional 'brewing,' which would only add negative extractions at a greater rate than positive extractions.

Note: If the inevitable grounds in your press coffee annoy you, simply pour the coffee through a paper coffee filter. It will only take a few seconds to 'clean up' your coffee.

I don't agree with you that (expensive burr grinder is completely unnecessary). we all know blade grinder does cut the bean into pieces with an ununiform size. Also, large heater during cutting can deteriorates the taste of coffee. While burr grinder grind the coffee to a fairly uniform size. expensive grinder always equipped with a high torque motor which let the grinding speed lower. that means less heat will be produced. less deteriorations to the coffee taste