How do you make contact with flea market operators in the Bronx?

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I would suggest phone books. There are more than 30 flea markets listed in the Bronx yellow pages alone.

You may also be able to find phone numbers online.
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Where are the best flea markets in US?

national Sunday newspaper supplement's travel writer, Everett Potter, recently named the Daytona Flea and Farmer's Market year-round emporium among America's top five flea markets, joining an elite group including the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, Calif., the Kane County Flea Market in St. Char ( Full Answer )

Laws regarding to flea market?

Laws would be different in each city/town/state. You would really need to contact your local government office to see what they have on the books.

Why is it called a flea market?

it come from the DS game called animal crossing: wild world. HA......hardly, this is the answer I found many times over:. Flea markets, where secondhand goods can be had cheaply, are not just an American phenomenon. In fact, the word "flea market has its origins in the name of a famous Parisian st ( Full Answer )

Where did flea markets get their name?

It originated in France...there were the outdoor markets full of used furniture, clothing, household items and such and then there were the fleas (in the stuff) so it eventually was dubbed a "flea market". Hope this helped!

Flea market what does it mean?

A flea market is a place where people can buy and sell goods, usually second-hand. This is usually outdoors, though it can be indoors. The prices are open to bartering, and this is a much more common practice at a flea market than in a high street shop (for example). In the US I think it is also kno ( Full Answer )

Why do people call them flea markets?

Because it has really nice things that people sale it for less money so it could get the adver4ge like it could get more people buying there because it is less so people would want to get it.

Why are flea markets called flea markets?

It originated in France...there were the outdoor markets full of used furniture, clothing, household items and such and then there were the fleas (in the stuff) so it eventually was dubbed a "flea market".

What can you sell at flea markets?

What can you sell at flea markets? Anything! Here are some tips for selling items successfully: 1. Sell what people WANT ! There's a difference between what people need and what people want, they don't always buy what they need. 2. Sell consumable items. Sell things that people will use ( Full Answer )

Oregon flea markets?

There are flea markets in many parts of Oregon and they will be located in or near larger cities, such as Salem and Portland. But some will also be found in the smaller cities and towns, so don't just focus on the big cities.. One of the best ways to locate flea markets in Oregon (or any state) is ( Full Answer )

What are the best flea markets in America?

Here is a list of some of the best flea markets I have been to:. Mile High Flea Market, Henderson, Colorado (about 18 miles NE of downtown Denver on I-76 at 88th Ave. A very large market, level, paved.. Traders Village, Grand Prairie, Texas (Between Fort Worth and Dallas) Another very large market ( Full Answer )

Why do they call a flea market a flea market?

The origins are disputed. The first name may have been Fly Market connected to New York in the 18th Century. Flea Market may have been a translation of the French Marche aux Puces, a reference to 'fleas' remaining in old furniture brought out for sale

Why are there flea markets?

you are rich and many people are not so they can shop from their but flea markets actually have good quality stuff and many rich people actually go there!! flea markets you rock!

Advantages of a flea market?

Are you asking what are the advantages of owning a flea market or are you asking about the advantages of owning your own flea market business (selling at flea markets)?. There are numerous advantages to selling at flea markets when compared to running a normal brick and mortar type business (such a ( Full Answer )

Why is a flea market called a flea market?

I bought some nice blankets at a garage sale once, and they were really inexpensive. Unfortunately they gave me lice both on my head and elsewhere. I spent a minor fortune on Nix, and ended up burning not just those blankets, but all my blankets, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and even my mattress, a ( Full Answer )

When is the flea market open?

Most flea markets are open only on Saturdays and Sundays, usually from 6 or 7 am to as late as 5 or 6 pm.. In Arizona, where it becomes quite hot by noon, there are flea markets that open as early as 4 am.! Buyers will come equipped with flashlights. By noon, many of the buyers and vendors have alr ( Full Answer )

What is a flea market event called?

In the United States, flea markets are either called flea markets or swap meets.. They could also be called a bizaar, a boot sale (UK), a farmer's market (although farmer's markets in the states are mostly limited to home-grown produce, honey, plants and that sort of item), and many churches and ch ( Full Answer )

Animal Crossing flea market?

A flea market happens on the first Saturday of a month where you can sell stuff in your house or you can go to your villagers houses and buy there furniture.

When is the flea market on Animal Crossing?

The Flea Market is a weekend event where villagers from your town allow others to come in and buy some of their items, although some of their furniture isn't for sale for various reasons. Many animals choose to sell items at a raised amount. You can also sell your own belongings - any furniture ( Full Answer )

Where is the flea market in Animal Crossing?

when its flea market day you put all your stuff you want to sell in your main room and the townsfolks will come and puchase your stuff. you can go yo there houses to to buy there stuff as well.flea market is the FIRST Saturday in every month.

Do they have switchblades at the flea market?

In many jurisdictions, a 'switch blade' (automatic knife) is illegal to sell, as well as to be in possession of.. But in some jurisdictions there are no laws against selling them, so there is a chance you will find a pocket knife seller selling automatic knifes at a flea market.. Be aware, though, ( Full Answer )

Why do they use the name flea in flea market?

A flea relies on a host (animal or human) to survive. A flea canalso jump or travel from animal to animal, human to human, object(like yard grass) to animal or human. At a flea market 'a host' is the person who offers the space forvendors. The metaphor 'flea market' refers to how merchandise'jumps ( Full Answer )

On Animal Crossing when is the flea market?

they come at random dates but always on saturdays. check ur bulletin board next to the town hall for when the next one is. It on the 1st Saturday of every month

Tips to shop at flea market?

Make your fellow shopper(s) your wing men. Insist to them on how you're really interested in an item but have only____$$ (i.e however much you're willing to spend on that item. Do this in front of the vender and if he/she doesn't pay attention come back saying how you have to go but you still want t ( Full Answer )

Can you be refused a table at a flea market?

Yes. The owner of the flea market or the people who set it up have the authority to deny anyone service, or in your case, a table to display/sell your wares.

What was operation market?

It is a market if you are poorly you can get lots and lots of different types of operations.

How did flea market get its name?

The patrons at a flea market bounce all around from vendor to vendor, like fleas. I think this is the correct answer! :)

What is the flea market?

A place where people can sell their stuff by renting a small space,and a place where you can buy all kinds of things,games,consoles, and even food.But i also have my own question about the flea market,does it have internet access? Best Regards, Random :3

What crafts can a 12 year old make to sell at a flea market? can sell crafts you made or old one you have at home 2.candy's that you decorated into a necklace or little figures 3.old clothes you don't wear but make sure it looks kinda new i hope that helped you out a little bit :3 *

What is the flea market called in Australia?

Well, according to a trivia game I was just playing run by a local radio station, it's called a "Trash and Treasure Market." The game only gives you one chance to get a right answer, I chose this one, and it was scored as correct, so I'm going with it.

Where is best flea market in Arkansas?

I would have to say,the outside Flea Market In Beebe Arkansas it's been happening for many many years. People come from all over Arkansas. It's worth the drive,plus there's several inside Flea markets in beebe to check also

Can you get Pokemon Black at the flea market?

I reckon you can but I recommend you don't get it from stores like the Flea Market it may be cheaper but the game MIGHT have glitches and it may be a pirate game (although they are rare to come across pirate DVD's are more common) I would get pokemon black from stores like Argos, GAME and other main ( Full Answer )

Where is the flea market on woogi world?

I used to play woogi world myself (and be sure to play the usana games because my mom works for usana) and to tell you the truth I forgot. I wish i remembered but you should go to and in every place until you find it.

Is Almay make up sold in flea markets?

There is a chance that Almay make up would be sold at flea markets, however, it is not advised to buy it there. Flea markets often sell used items and you should never purchase used cosmetics.

Do they sell jerseys at flea markets?

Yes and sometimes they are the official stuff and sometimes they are knock offs. Used jerseys are also normally available and are a bargain.. I bought an Atlanta Braves Jerey brand new for $20 and it is the same jersey they actually wear and sells for up to $100 in MLB stores..

How do you register to sell at the flea market?

Often you need to sign up or buy a booth from the office that runsthe flea market. Call the market and ask them which is the case,then you can go in and fill out the form or pay the rental fee.

Can you sell cars at a flea market?

You could sell a car or two as a private seller... typically, once you sell seven cars, you're required by law to be a licensed car dealer.

When and where is flea market?

Flea markets occur in many different times and places. Your question is a bit like asking, when and where is bakery?

Can you sell pipes at the flea market?

Usually not, the one here in Denver doesn't allow paraphernalia.....then again I have seen a bong on a storage locker sellers tarp is up to the operator.

Is there a laser light at the flea market?

There could be. What any given "flea market" has is not necessarilythe same as any other, nor even the same as it had last week. You'dneed to go there and find out for yourself.