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having longer fingernails makes your fingers appear longer, especially with nail polish;it will attrack attention to you rnails rather than your fingers

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Q: How do you make fingers grow or seem longer naturally?
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What grows your eyelashes?

to grow it naturally put Vaseline on them. but to make them appear longer but they are not really longer use mascara

What household methods can be use to grow hair longer and faster?

you can make it grow faster by massaging your head with the tips of your fingers

How can you grow longer legs?

You can't. It's hard to accept but you're legs will not grow unless they do naturally. You can learn certain exercises that will make your legs appear longer.

How can I make my hair longer at the top?

It will grow naturally, just don't cut the top hair.

How do you get longer fingers?

There isnt really a big way to get longer fingers, but try pulling them hard a few times a day. To make the illusion of having longer fingers, bend them slightly at the knuckles, and keep your nails a tad bit shorter if you have long nails, and if you bite your nails, grow them longer. Having nails about as long as your fingers at a rounded shape and not polishing them with extremely bright colors works well at giving the illusion of longer fingers. Crack your knucles and pull each finger often to grow fingers. Hope this helps! ;)

Does piano make your fingers crooked?

no it doesn't it makes your fingers longer

If you are a 14-year-old how do you make your penis longer?

You wait. The penis continues to naturally grow until around age 21.

How do i make my fingers slimar?

We're born with our fingers and there isn't anything you can do to make them slimmer, longer, or shorter.

If still young and growing are there any stretches you can do to make your fingers longer?

Growth hormones control the rate of growth in all body areas for every person. Some parts of the body can be exercised to increase mass, but not size, such as muscles. But, fingers and toes are similar to ears or noses: they only grow in relation to what size our genes and the growth hormone dictates what we will become. The fingers would have to grow longer bones (not possible for a person to control) for the fingers to get longer. Therefore, no, there are no exercises to increase the length of your fingers.

How do you make your feet grow?

Naturally... I think

Does vaseline make your lashes grow longer?

It will not make them grow longer but it will make them appear longer. If you put some Vaseline on your eyelashes and then put mascara on over them they will look longer than usual.

How can you make your breasts grow faster naturally?

no there is no way for you to increase your breast naturally .

How do you make your hair grow overnight?

It happens naturally.

How do you make my eyebrows thicker naturally?

Let them grow..

How long does it take to make your hair grow faster?

You can not make your hair grow any faster than it does naturally.

How do you make hair grow longer in 4 days?

Hair cannot be made to grow longer, or faster.

Can you make your eyelashes grow longer?


How do you make your nails grow longer for kids?


How do you make own hair longer?

grow it

What kind of plants did the noblewomen make?

Plants are not made, they grow naturally.

Does cracking your fingers make them appear slanted and no longer straight?

No. The cracking is usually explained as gas bubbles being created due to a vacuum affect from the expansion of the fluid inside the joint capsule. That would not cause the bones in your fingers to grow more slanted.

How do you grow your nails longer?

To make your nails grow longer eat a healthy balanced diet and drink LOTS of water.

Does pomade make your hair grow faster?

Pomade make your hair grow like 1x longer

Does braiding your hair a lot make it grow faster?

Yes, it actually does make your hair grow longer.

If you crack your fingers does it somehow make them stop growing?

Now, if you are still young and growing, your fingers will stick grow even if you crack them.