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Q: How do you make fondant without marshmallows?
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Can you make fondant without marshmallows?

no you dont need marshmallows to make fondant because you can use just butter and iceing sugar to make it but you can use marshmallows to make it.

Can you make marshmallow fondant with fat free marshmallows?

Yes. Marshmallows are made of corn syrup, sugar and gelatin. There is no fat in them.

Does anyone have tips on fondant?

If you want to make fondant at home, marshmallow fondant is much easier and simpler to make then traditional European fondant. All you need is 16 ozs of mini (mini!) marshmallows, two pounds of confectionery sugar, a sprinkle of water, and some shortening.

How do make Egyptian marshmallows?

egyptians dont make marshmallows

Can you make fondant out of corn starch and sugar?

Baking , Fondant, and Corn Syrup

Can you use food coloring on the melted marshmallows to color fondant to save time?

you can not really use food coloring on a melted marshmallow

What can be done to make prepacked fondant not to sweet can you use the seal spray?

Can the fondant sealer be used instead of whipped fondant so it won't be very sweet or does the fondant have to rolled out thinner

Can you make chocolate fudge without marshmallows or marshmallow creme?

Yes you can make chocolate fudge without marshmallows or marshmallow cream those ingredients are not really needed in the recipe it will taste not so good if you put them in and i tried it before it will not taste good.

Is fondant edible?

Yes, Fondant is edible!! Although I heard that sometimes people just peel the fondant off and eat the cake and buttercream icing without the fondant. So it is edible it just depends on whether you like the taste or not.

Convert mini marshmallows to big marshmallows?

melt down the mini marshmallows and make it into a big one.

How do you make fondant look clear?

i think you can't make fondant clear unless you use some other type of ingredients to make it clear.

How do you heat sweet potato pie without burning the mini marshmallows?

take out the marshmallows when you heat it

How do you dehydrate marshmallows without a dehydrator?

A microwave.

Does cake boss make there on fondant?

No. They buy it.

What do you need to make fondant?

im not sure.....

Where can one go to learn how to make fondant?

One can learn to make a fondant at the Sugar Coated Chronicle. This blogspot has multiple posts and its instructions are extremely through and detailed enough that an amateur can probably create a fondant.

Why are marshmallows so fluffy?

Marshmallows have special ingredients that make it fluffy and soft!

What to do if you make marshmallows and it won't stiffen?

just freeze the marshmallows then bake them I have tried it.

I don't have Crisco to use for making fontant but i really want to make it How do i make fondant without using crisco?

The brand doesn't matter but it has to be lard or shortening....

How to make something out of marshmallows?


Can you make a comet using marshmallows?


Can you make fondant with flour and frosting?

No. Fondant is made of sugar, shortening, gelatin, corn syrup, water, glycerine and flavoring.

What is the difference between fondant and rolling fondant?

Rolling Fondant is easier than regular fondant to roll out hints the name rolling fondant

How do you roast marshmallows at home?

to roast marshmallows, you need to put marshmallows on a stick and hold it over the fireplace (make sure that the fireplace is lit).

Is fondant good?

store bought fondant is not as good as it looks. what i think is that homemade fondant is by far the best. bakers usually put butter cream to make it taste better. hope this helped.