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How do you make food blue without food coloring?


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Choke it so it cant breathe... cyanosis


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well u could buy white frosting and color it with blue food coloring or make frosting and add blue food coloring to make it blue

put blue food coloring on it

ok first you boil vinegar and water . Then you put blue spinkles into the water to make a sweet scent . ...And where do you get the blue sprinkles at walmart where you can get the blue food coloring.

Red food coloring is heavier than blue. The reason for this is because it takes more compounds to make red food coloring. Red food coloring is too far from the normal color, so it is heavier.

Red and blue food coloring.....

just add food coloring

Umm don't add it. Food coloring isn't a needed ingredient.

Yes this site has

Using white icing you will have to add blue food coloring to it.

Food coloring, and other dyes.

Combine blue and green. i think......

To make a silver coloring mix equal parts of Royal Blue and Coal Black.

Take a milkshake and put 3 drops of red food coloring and 3 drops of blue food coloring! :)

You could add blue food coloring, or you can make the container holding the water blue.

I think that the best way to make blue daisies is to put blue food coloring in water and then place the daisies (with stems) in the water. Let them sit and absorb the water and food coloring. If all goes to plan then you should have blue daisies!

Add a drop of blue food coloring.

Well, no two colors make black but there is three. try an equal amount of red yellow and blue food coloring.

Try adding a bit of red food coloring, a little bit at a time until the desired color of blue is achieved. To much red will turn the blue to purple. Try using a toothpick with the red. Best to try with a little blue icing first.

You buy it in a store then convince all your friends that you "made" it.

2 drops of blue and 3 drops of red:D

Get sulfer, crush it, then mix it with blue food coloring. Last, just blow it up.

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