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water and white vinegar.

An easy and effective glass cleaner is a few drops of Dawn dish washing detergent in a spray bottle filled with water.

A small amount of vinegar mixed with water. A dryer sheet also works.

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Is glass cleaner a suspension solution or colloid?

A glass cleaner is frequently a solution.

How to make floor cleaner at home?


Where can you find white surge ultra preminum glass cleaner 250mg?

Tell me about white surge glass cleaner

Does glass cleaner sanitize?


How do you clean a glass coffee table?

With windex or a similar glass cleaner.

Where can you buy Window Glo glass cleaner?

henerson glass company

How much does a private home cleaner make a hour?

too much

What is the chemical name of glass cleaner?


Which glass cleaner leaves sreaks?


Chemical formula for glass cleaner?

Common glass cleaner such as windex is a weak base. The name for the chemical formula is ammonium hydroxide . The formula is NH4OH-

What is the best cleaner for glass shower doors?

A popular commercial product like Windex No Drip is an excellent window cleaner. Comet Bathroom Cleaner is also a good cleaning product specifically for bathroom glass and the like.

How do you clean mirror?

paper towel and glass cleaner

Is glass cleaner a mechanical mixture?

pure substance

Is Windex glass cleaner a homogeneous mixture?


What is the formula for glass cleaner?

Since the main ingredient in most glass cleaners is ammonia, you can mix equal parts of non sudsy ammonia with water, which makes a good glass cleaner. You can also do the same with vinegar.

Which retail cleaner works best on bathroom glass?

Windex is the most well known glass cleaner on the market. Most glass cleaners have the same active ingredients so any brand will get the job done.

Can you clean frosted glass w scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner?

Yes, scrubbing bubbles shower automatic shower cleaner will clean frosted glass.

Is a glass cleaner a acid base or neutral?

Typical glass cleaners are made from ammonia, which is a base.

How do you clean fireplace doors?

Regular glass cleaner (Windex) won't cut through the carbon that builds up on the glass. There are products made specifically to clean fireplace glass doors- check Lowes or Home Depot for a cleaner called White Off (made by Rutland- and there are others). However, first you may want to try the home remedy- Make a ball of newspaper about the size of a tennis ball, Lightly dampen one side in water, then dip is wood ashes. Use the ashy ball to scrub the glass. If it breaks loose the carbon and tar, you can finish up with regular glass cleaner. You can TRY to clean the doors while they are still in place ( Bwahahaha!) but may have better luck removing them, and placing them flat on several sheets of newspaper while cleaning.

What is the chemical that is in glass cleaner?

Looking to buy a laptop? There are many places on the web where you can buy one. You might try,,, or, to name a few. These sites can give you prices and even advice on what to look for.

Can mineral oil be used to get algae off of car molding?

Use glass cleaner, especially to make chrome clean and shiny

How do you clean cloudy aquarium glass?

It is easy just get a glass cleaner for your aquarium. (you can get a type of fish that cleans glass.) I hope this helped.

How do you clean up old dried linseed oil from glass?

acitone or carborater cleaner acetone or carburetor cleaner

What is the best brand of cleaner to use on my glass counter tops?

I would suggest the windex multi purpose cleaner

What is the pH of glass cleaner?

I know Windex has a pH of 11

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