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How do you make green beer?


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Green food coloring WOULD work (if beating the leprechaun doesn't work). And -- I'm not kidding about this -- adding green cream de menthe to the beer will color the beer markedly. It doesn't take much. We always do this on St. Patrick's Day. But not with good beer.

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"Green" beer to a brewer means it is not ready to drink. You can get a real bellyache if the fermentation has not finished. Green beer for St Patrick's day is just beer with food coloring added.

On St. Patrick's Day, purely as a novelty, green beer is sold in some places. All it is is just a coloured drink. Other than on that day, there is no green beer in Ireland.

Any beer that you add green food coloring to.

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Beer bottles are usually brown or green to block light which would begin to decompose or spoil the beer. The beer bottles are dark to keep the beer fresher longer.

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No. Yeasts make beer - a completely different micro-organism.

when you drink green beer the chemicals in your body change to allow the green beer become pee. when you drink other things they all have their own colors but in average, the colors usually sum up to a yellowish color. like i said a couple of sentences ago: the chemicals change, making your pee reddish yellow.

It is the alcohol in the beer. Alcohol is a depressant.

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There is no known reason for the choice of colour. The beer is amber, not green. It is in a green bottle in an effort to keep light from turning the taste skunky. Brown bottles are best at this however. Green beer is a result of food coloring being added. That's all!

just make sure you right (LIGHT) at the end of the beer name..

you don't need malt for beer so probably any beer really Malted barley is required to make beer. If there is no malt, it is not beer.

any bar or restaurant that has green food coloring

Just add beer to your frying batter

You can make beer with corn syrup.

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