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How do you make hearts on Facebook?

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♥♥♥Hold down the alt key and press the 3 on the key pad- ☼☼IT MUST BE ON THE KEYPAD NOT ON THE ROW OF NUMBERS☼☼!! If you want to make more than one heart, you must take your fingers off both keys before typing it again.♥♥♥

or if you have a mac, you can use the symbol < (press shift and ,)

and the 3 together:


when you post the comment with this symbol it becomes the filled in heart.

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How do you make grey hearts on facebook?


How do you make hearts on facebook chat?


How do you make hearts when writing on Facebook?

type in &lt;3

How do you make little hearts on facebook?

That's all you got to do!! (:

How do you make a music note on Facebook?

&amp; hearts ; Without the space, as far as I remember.

How do people make those little black hearts on facebook?

Copy and paste

How do you make hearts in facebook?

just type excluding quotes "&lt;3" and post it.

How do you make small hearts on your wall?

If you are talking about the Facebook wall, you put &lt;3

How do you make wingdings like hearts on Facebook?

you do a lessthan sign and then a 3 and it will come up as a heart

How do you do love hearts on facebook?

You do this... When you are in chat you press &lt; and the 3 and tha should make you a perfect love heart &lt;3

How do you type hearts with your keyboard on Facebook if 3 and 5 don't work?

type &amp;hearts; (no spaces in between the &amp;hearts;) it works!

How do you hearts in Facebook?

Characters for making heart &lt;3

How do you get hearts on texts?

You get heart symbols on facebook by putting &lt;3

How do you make the music notes on Facebook?

Here is a list of facebook symbols for status' and chat! Music notes are there fun!

How do you IM hearts on Facebook?

You type &lt; then 3 (&lt;3) facebook will automaticly animate it so it looks like a heart!

How do you create broken hearts in Facebook?

The emoticon for a broken heart is &lt;/3.

How do you make a game on Facebook?

If you want to make a game on facebook you search on facebook "Application Maker" and it will appear, you go there and then you could make a game on facebook

How do you make Michael Jackson on Facebook chat?

Well, first off, you can't make anybody on Facebook chat, and second, Michael Jackson died on Thursday, June 25, 2009 even though he is still alive in our hearts.Please no bad comments about my answer or Michael Jackson.

How to make a password in Facebook?

How to make new password for the Facebook

How do you make a balloon on Facebook?

you can't make balloon in the facebook

How to make faces on Facebook?

how to make green emotion on facebook

How do you make squidward on Facebook chat?

how to you make squidward on facebook

Where can you find a quiz for Kingdom Hearts?

google, quizilla, myyearbook, myspace, facebook, etc...

How do you make a Facebook with out a email?

Sorry, you need an email to make a facebook.

How do you make a mouse on Facebook?

You can make a mouse on facebook like this. ()_() ( " ) (UU)~ (_|_)