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How do you make home page?

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If you are doing it on Weebly, you go to settings and select Home page.

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How do you make a home page on Google Chrome?

To make a web page your home page click on the spanner in the top right corner, go to options, and next to the bold title "Home page" select "Open this page:" and type in the web address.

How to make big pond your home page?

Just right click and set as home page.

How do you change your yahoo home page for dogpile home page?

You simply go to, left click, click make my home page and there you go.

How do you change your home page on Dell computer?

You add the page to favorites and the bar at the top should say make home page.

How can you make Google in your home page?

If Google isn't your home page already, go to the Google website and you should see a button saying "Make Google my homepage". Click on it and Google becomes your home page. Or you can favorite or bookmark the Google website and set it as your home page there.

How do you make telus my homepage?

how do i make telus my home page

Can you make k12 your home page?


How do you make windstream your home page?


Make a home page?

Making a home page is very easily specially in Google Chrome. It can be made empty or directed to any other page.

How do you make an address your home page?

On most pages that you would want to use as a home page there is somewhere to click that says, "Make This My Home Page". You can also just copy the address of the page you wish to make your home page, and on your browser click Tools>>Internet Options>>General Tab>>Paste that address in the section Home Page>>click apply. In regards to a webspace you own, to set up a homepage, your homepage information should be called index.html

How to make animal jam home page?

Bring the animal close to your Desktop, make him eat all the wires. no PC.... and no home page.

How do you make Google your home page on the iPad?

There is no 'home page' on the iPad. It simply opens to where you last left it. If you want to have an icon on your home page that goes to Google, simply bookmark it and choose "Add to Home Screen".

How do you make a page your homepage on a mac?

The same way as in Windows. Type in the web address of your prefered home page and when that page opens then set the home page under the preferences menu.

How do you make an internet home page on Mozilla Firefox?

Drag the icon next to the website that was put in to the pic of the house and then it will say do you want to make this your home page. yes

How do you make Google your home page with safari?

Open the page you wish to use as your home page in Safari. Open Safari's Preferences from the Safari menu. In the General section click the button that says Set to Current Page beneath the Home page option.

How do you make home page on internet browers?

most of the time somewere on the wep page there is a icon that says make homepage

Make agoogle home page?

Go to "tools" on your browser, then under the "general" tab, just type in as your home page.

How do you change your home page on a mac?

you search whatever the internet site is and make home page it should give u instructions from there.

Can you make msn your homepage on an iPad?

There is no Home Page on IOS Safari. You can bookmark the page, and you can add the bookmark as an icon on your Home Screen.

Difference between home page and effective home page?

difference between home page and effective home page

How do you set home page on Windows 8?

First, open your Internet Explorer browserOpen the page you want to make your homepageClick on the arrow to the right of the Home buttonChoose "add or change home page"Select "Use this webpage as your home page", and then click "Yes"

How do you make funny Google as your home page?

If you are talking about regular Google and use internet explorer, click the home icon and click one of the buttons to decide between a new home tab or Google as your only home page. You can do this with any page.

How do you make something your home page-on-Google-chrome?

Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Add the home button to the browser toolbarWant a button on the browser toolbar that you can click to open your home page? Select the "Show Home button" checkbox in the "Appearance" section.Set your home pagePick the page you'd like to be your home page in the "Home page" section. You can select to use the New Tab page as your home page. To use another page, click Change once you've selected "Show Home button" checkbox.Select Settings.(Source - Google Forum)

How do make you googal home page?

You can change any webpage as your homepage. You can go to the settings and find the place to change your default home page to Google.

How do you make my Facebook home page?

At the login page, there's a link that says "Make Facebook Your Homepage". Just click that, and you're done!