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One would have to know something about the gun to answer that question. One would also be have to be willing to spend considerable time in federal prison upon accomplishing such.

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Does browning make a fully auto shotgun?

Fully automatic shotgun, no. Automatic rifles and machine guns, yes.

Is the micro uzi fully automatic?

It can be purchased as either fully auto or semi auto.

Is the Nerf longstrike fully auto?


Where can one get auto insurance for classic cars?

If you own a collectable car you will need auto insurance to make sure you are fully covered. A good place to get auto insurance is through Geico or American Collectors Insurance.

Can the Glock 40cal be fully auto?

Legally, no.

Can a fully auto gun be used to hunt?


How do you make a invert mini fully auto?

Firstly the mini does not have auto, and to change the shooting settings you need to read the manual and use the trigger and button on the board to change settings.

How would one make a colt mark 4 series 70 fully auto?

file the sear, then wait for the ATF visit...................

Would it be legal as a company to make and sell kits for fully automatic rifles after 1986 to US civilians?

You would have to define "kit"- but if you mean components to convert a semi auto to a full auto- No.

Can you convert an Iver Johnson rifle from semi auto to fully auto?

Is it possible? Yes. Will we tell you how? Absolutely not.

What is The name of a fully auto Nerf gun?

The full auto Nerf gun is the Vulcan EBF 25

Can a spring air soft be fully auto?

Not if its not designed that way.

What is the difference between a fully auto gun and a semi auto gun?

Semi-auto - the trigger must be pulled every time you want a round to be fired Fully-auto - the trigger is only pulled once and the weapon fires until all ammunition in the feed device is exhaused.

Is the tippmann a5 fully auto?

No, you need to buy the E-grip or Response trigger for it to fire fully automatically.

Call of duty world at war cheat codes?

No cheats get a modded controller to make all those semi autos go to fully auto

What is an electronic trigger aka E trigger on a paintball gun?

It can make the paintball gun semi-auto, 3 round burst, or fully automatic!

Who invented the fully automatic machine gun?

sir harim maxim invented the fully auto matic machine gun

Is Florida auto train fully air conditioned?

Yes, the Auto Train is temperature controlled all year round.

What is the value of a fully automatic SKS assult rifle?

its it the upwards area of 500.00 if in great condition, but it is also illegal as crap if its fully auto

How would two Thompson fully auto submachine guns made by auto ordnance and consecutive serial numbers be worth?

10000 or so.

Is the m16 a4 fully-auto?

The M16A4 is a select fire weapon, but is limited to three round bursts, the same way the M16A2 is.

What is the difference between a fully auto and a semi auto rifle?

A full auto will continue to fire rounds and cycle for as long as the trigger is pulled. A semi-auto will fire and cycle only one time with each pull of the trigger.

Is there a fully auto paintball without egrip?

yep, the a5 and x7 and 98 tippmann response trigger, it runs off air and can shoot full auto.

What is the differnece between a semi-atomatic ATV and a fully atomatic ATV?

semi-auto you have to shift. full auto just give it gas and go.

What is the record for the track and field 100 m in the Philippines?

10.45 seconds (fully auto timing)

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