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How do you make lasagna?



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First, choose which kind of pasta, there are 2 types, one that has to be boiled, or the other that you just use as is. Have your favorite sauce ready, and not too spicy. Use an oven deep dish. First, spread some sauce on the bottom of the greased dish/pan, then a layer of pasta, then another of sauce, then layer of cottage or ricotta soft cheese, (beat 1 egg and add cottage cheese and pepper) now, layer of sliced mozerella cheese, then layer of pasta, repeat above 2 more times ending with the meat sauce. Sprinkle grated parmassen cheese to cover the top and some grated mozerella if you want. Now bake. 350 degrees F, about 40 minutes or so, let stand 15 minutes before you dig in. If you'd like you can add some pepperoni (whatever amount you like).
Lasagna is baked pasta with sauce and cheese. It often contains meat but can certainly be vegetarian with excellent results. The pasta (large, thin but wide, lasagna noodles) are usually boiled in salted water until tender. They're drained and placed in a large lasagna pan in a single layer. A tomato sauce with spices is then poured over the top and layered with cheese and additional vegetables (the sauce can contain meat if you prefer). The process is repeated until the layers reach the top edge of the pan. It is then covered with additional grated cheese and placed in a hot oven to bake. Depending on the size of the lasagna, baking should be at approximately 375 degrees F for about 30 minutes.