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First BEAT THE GAME then choose a partner and in a dungeon press X/B and then choose 'Team' then the Pokemon you want leder and it MIGHT say 'Leader' and then that Pokemon is the leader.

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Q: How do you make leader in Pokemon Rescue Team?
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How do you appoint Pokemon as leader in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

You have to finish the game first. After you finished the game you would be able to make Pokemon as leader. Just visit the Pokemon you want to make leader and talk to him. Make it join your team and then click "Make Leader."

How Do you chose a team leader in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

You have to beat Rayquaza and then you go to your where all of your Pokemon are. First you talk to them and press join team. Then you talk to them again and it will say make leader. Then u press A and then you have a new leader. If you didn't beat Rayquaza then you can't do it yet.

How do you start as Zapdos in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

YOU CANT. only way to be him is to destroy the meteor after sky tower and make him the leader.

How do you recruit groundon in red rescue?

To recruit Groudon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, all you need to do is go to Magma Cavern , go to the final floor, (there are just under 30 floors) and battle Groudon. To increase recruitment rates, have your rescue team leader holding a friend bow, have a high rescue rank and level. **Make sure that the rescue team leader (you) hits the final hit on the Pokemon that you are trying to recruit, and m make sure that you have enough space on your rescue team for groudon to join.** You can only have up to 6 stars of space on your rescue team, so 2 starter Pokemon or one larger one, you can check its size under 'summary.' Egrentii

Can you be other Pokemon on Mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

Yes, when you beat Rayquaza go to a dungeon and your partner will leave but he will be in the team and then go to a Pokemon area and press join team then talk again and press make leader

Can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon red Rescue Team?

no but you can make them friends

Can you make two profile on Pokemon Red rescue team?

No, you can only make 1

Can you be a larvitar in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue team?

As a starter, no. After you beat the game and play after story mode, yes. As long as you make him the leader. But no, Larvitar is not a starter.

In Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team how do you get nincada to evolve in to Shedinja?

okay have nincada ready to evolve @ lvl 20 at least then make him team leader standby all other Pokemon on your rescue team @ the moment then evolve through wishcash after you evolve you should be ninjask but look in one of the friend areas and voila you have shedinja.

What Pokemon evolves with a wish stone?

No Pokemon evolve with a wish stone. The wish stone is an item exclusive to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team/ Red Rescue Team. It is used to make a wish when Jirachi is encountered.

How do you go into a dungeon alone in Pokemon red rescue team?

You just need to graduate from the guild go to town head back to the guild and on the way chimecho will show you how to change the leader / make only the leader head to a dungeon

Is there an action replay code to make you have all Pokemon in Pokemon blue rescue team?

Unfortunately... No there isn't any that I know of

How do you change Pokemon in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

First, you need to finish the game. Once the credits are over, you're partner will ask you if you think it's fair to switch leaders of the rescue team. If you reply yes, go into you're friend area. press a when you're next to one of you're teammates, and select make leader.

How do you switch leaders in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Here are the steps 1. Got to the Friend Area of the Pokemon u want to be the leader 2. Talk to him and click the option that lets him come with u in dungeons 3. Go out of the Friend Areas 4. Open the menu that has ur current team 5. Select the Pokemon that u want and click "Make Leader" NOTE: SOME POKEMON CANNOT BE THE LEADER BECAUSE OF THEIR LEVEL

How do you take your partner off your team in Red Rescue Team?

you beat rayquaza and then go to your friends and you can make them join the team or off the team you can also make other friends the leader. you can also do this in doungens

Why wont Groudon join red rescue team?

It might not because: amount of team members, the size of your teamate, And groudon only has -10% of joining your team. To increase the recuit rate, get a high leveled Pokemon and make it the leader holding a friend bow.

Wate is the best legndary Pokemon on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

It is raquaza and it is really hard to make it join

How do you get a brown gummy in Pokemon rescue team?

not to make you sound like a dummy but,you get in dungeons where ground and rock type Pokemon live!

How do you recruit Regirock in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

Bring a Rock Part and Friend Bow to Buried Relic 15F. Equip your team leader with the Friend Bow. Make room for Regirock to be recruited. The higher your team leader's level and your rescue rank are, the more likely you are to recruit Pokemon. Your team leader has to be the one to KO Regirock from no more than 1 distance unit away. With all of the above done, you'll have a small chance of successfully recruiting Regirock.

How do you make Abra evolve in Pokemon Mystery dungeon - red rescue team?

at LV 22

On Pokemon mystery dongeon red rescue team what do you do to play as your partner?

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, just beat Rayquaza at Sky Tower Summit, then your partner will eventually ask you if you want them to stay behind in their Friend Area so you can travel alone if you want. Say "yes," and your partner will be in their Friend Area. Come to them, then make them the team leader. if u recruit other Pokemon u can also play as them 1.

How many rescue points do you need to get gold rank in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

you need 1500 points to make your team a gold rank.Hope I Helped From:JAM9000

Will Articuno join your team once you beat it a couple of times on Pokemon mystery red rescue team?

Yes it will, just make sure you have room on the team.

Do you have to give rayquza a sky gummie on Pokemon blue Rescue Team?

no but you can, if you want to recruit it then i suggest you have something to make it easier to recruit Pokemon

How do you switch Pokemon as leader in a dungeon on Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

i think u beat the game and go to a dungeon press team go to the one u want to be leader press a and look for icon that says leader. yes you beat story mode then you will have the option of choosing a new leader by selecting the one you want and pressing the button "make leader" in either their habitats or "friend zone" or a dungeon. edited by Erkener King