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To make litmus paper at home, you need a few ingredients. These are: red cabbage, boiling water, two glass jars, filter paper, blotting paper, and some liquid samples. First, take the red cabbage and chop or cut it up into small pieces. Add the shreds to a glass jar with boiling water. Wait 30 minutes for it to cool. After the 30 minutes is up, filter out the leaves and collect the juice in another jar. Soak some blotting paper in the juice and set aside to dry. Once dried, the strips are ready to use. Dip the paper into a base, and it will turn green. Dip it into an acid, and it will turn pink or red.

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Q: How do you make litmus paper?
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What color does a base make litmus paper?

the red litmus paper turns to blue

Does cola make a streak on litmus paper?

No, it does not.

What does litmus do in acid and bases?

Litmus paper is reactive to acids and bases. Acids make the paper turn red; bases make it turn blue.

What color does acid make litmus paper turn?

I believe, that acid makes blue litmus paper turn red.

What do you have to add to litmus to make it purple?

Bases and alkali's turn litmus paper purple.

An acid will turn litmus paper and a base will turn litmus paper.?

An acid will turn litmus paper RED and a base will turn litmus paper BLUE.

How are lichens used to make litmus paper?

The indicators in litmus are extracted from lichens; the color of litmus depends on the pH of the solution.

Acids make litmus paper turn?


What are litmus made from?

Litmus paper is primarily made out of paper. The paper is mostly made up of wood cellulose, which is treated with solvents beforehand to make sure there are no contaminants.

What does litmus paper do?

Litmus paper measure the pH of a solution.

How do you do a pregnancy test with litmus paper?

You cannot predict pregnancy with litmus paper. litmus paper detect pH not HCG

Does vinegar make litmus paper turn red?

Litmus paper turns red if the solution is acidic and blue if the solution is basic. Vinegar is an acidic solution (due to acetic acid), and will turn the litmus paper red.

What are the precautions you have to take while carrying out the litmus paper experiment?

make sure that the liquid in which you dip does not spill on your handmake sure your litmus paper is new and not wetthat's it

What colour does acid turn litmus paper?

An acid turns blue litmus paper red and blue litmus paper stays blue. On the other hand, an alkali turns red litmus paper blue and red litmus paper stays red.

What is the effect of nitrogen dioxide on litmus paper?

change blue litmus paper into red

What color does litmus paper turn in water?

water is neutral to litmus therefore there will be no change in litmus paper.

What will happen when water is added to litmus paper?

litmus paper nutral

Bases make litmus paper turn what color?


What substance in litmus paper helps in its change?

It depends. Litmus paper is used to test pH levels. Blue litmus paper turns red in the presence of acids, and red litmus paper turns blue in the presence of alkalines. Litmus paper is purple in neutral conditions.

What happen to litmus paper come in contact with a base?

It depends on the color of the litmus paper. Acids change blue litmus paper to red; bases change red litmus paper to blue.

What two colors are from litmus paper?

Red and blue are the two colors of litmus paper. Litmus paper is used to test the pH of a substance.

Is it true or false that acids will turn litmus paper red?

Acid reat with blue litmus paper and covert it in to red litmus paper

Acids causes litmus paper to turn into what color?

Litmus paper comes in two colors, red and blue. An acid will turn blue litmus paper red, and will not affect the color of the red litmus paper.

When litmus paper is placed in washing soda what colour did the litmus paper turns?

When red litmus paper is dipped in washing soda the litmus paper turns blue in colour as Washing Soda is a base.

Can litmus paper or any other paper be used to make aura readings from the salts and minerals off your hands?

No Litmus paper changes color depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the solution.