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How do you make money at 12 years old?

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2011-10-24 21:01:14

you can make money at a 12 years old by doing nail and hair

designing salons. I'm 23 years old and started a nail and hair

salon when i was 13! try it

You should try dog walking, because if you like dogs you will

enjoy this a lot! It also gives you exercise and fresh air. Me and

my friend are doing this and it is so fun because you get to chill

with you friends while making money.


Make sure you think about what your getting your self into and

what you have to do e.g pick up the dog mess (take turns with your

friend), calculate how much money it will be for (me and my friend

are doing £3:00 every 10-15 minuets, it depends on how we feel :D)

and you will also have to make sure you have a few dog treats on

you (me and my friend ask their owners if the dogs would like a

chew toy or a few treats for the walk). I live near a park so it is

GREAT for dog walking. This job is perfectly safe :) xx

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