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How do you make money at school?

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to make money in elementry schools bring candy to school and then sell that.

but if your in middle school you can sell jewelry or watches or even art stuff or maybe even caps or stuff!

basicly you find out what is popular in your school and sell that

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How much money would a teacher make in a school raffle?

An individual teacher better not make anything. Raffles are held to make money for the school or other charities. A teacher taking money would be theft.

How much money do you make as a clerk at a school?


How do people make there money in Belarus?

Women make there money by going to medical school, or working in shops or stores. Men make there money by working at meat stores, or by driving taxi's.

How much money does a high school softball player make?

High school sports do not pay

How much money does a meteorologist make and hour?

Well it depends On were you live and what degree you have in school. You will make more money the higher the degree

How much money does middle school teachers make in the US?

Middle school make on average $50, 630 with a bachelors degree.

How much money do high school teachers in Florida make?

High school teachers in Florida generally make around 45,000 dollars a year. The longer they teach at a school, the more they can make.

How do you get money for kids?

listen everyone the way i make money is always have school dinners at school. say to your mum that you have to pay for each week and then when she gives you the money you just keep it that's what i do

How much money does a high school dropout make in a year?


How much money does grade school teachers make annually?


How much money do christian school teachers make?

Christian school teachers make a wide variety of amounts depending on the size of the school. They generally make 30,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars a year.

How much money will a high school graduate make a year?

A High- school graduate would make about $2,942 per year with a good job!

Why are school uniforms are expensive?

well it is probably where the fabric is made fromschool wants to make more moneyschool is too greedytype of school you go to

How much money can a high school math teacher make?

Math Teachers make about $40,000 a year.

How can a middle schooler make money?

Sell candy at school or around your neighborhood

How do you make loads of money for an 11 year old?

sell stuff at school

In Vermont how much money does a high school teacher make?

i dont know

How much money does an art teacher make in a year?

Depends what school or bussness

What is the Zimbabwe education system?

When you finish school and go out and get a job and make money

Do high school graduates make more than drop outs?

yes they usually make more money than someone with no high school diploma

How does a library make money?

Typically, libraries do not make money. They were built to serve the purpose of letting those who are not as 'wealthy' to still get education (not like school) and resources. But libraries would make money off of the over due book money and off of donations.

Should more money be spent on athletics or academics at school?

More money should be spent on academics rather than athletics in school. This is because school is created to educate students rather than to make money via athletics or create athletes.

Did Bessie Coleman make a flight school?

No she died before she had enough money some dude built a school in memory of her

Where can you get free anti-bullying bands for kids to wear on their wrists at school?

To save money, have a teacher make some or students, at loftis middle school, Tennessee, we have our band teacher make little red braid braclets and she sales them for a dollar to raise money for the school.

How much money do school bus driver's make in California?

the make 500 thousand a year... to 56000 a year..