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Well there is not a good way to make a huge difference in your MPG but there are a few things you can do to make it a little better. You can buy an air intake system and have it installed (such as a K&N ). You can improve your mileage just by not letting your gas tank get less than half empty. For some reason or another you get better mileage by keeping it more than half full. You can also increase the quality of your gas by pumping it at the slowest rate possible. Also you get better mileage from places like Shell than you do at Walmart.

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Q: How do you make my car get more mileage per gallon?
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Why does a car's mileage per gallon matter?

A cars mileage per gallon is an important factor in relation to fuel economy. More miles to the gallon means fewer dollars spent filling up the gas tank.

If your car gets 25 miles per gallon mpg divide the mileage 642 by the mpg to get the number of gallons needed to make the trip?


What is the best car to purchase for the best gas mileage?

A car that has great gas mileage is the Toyota Prius. It is said to get over 45 highways miles to the gallon and over 40 miles to the gallon in city miles.

What is your cars gas mileage?

Your car's gas mileage is the distance a car will travel in regular driving conditions (city/hwy.) with a certain amount of fuel. Usually, in America, gas mileage is measured in Miles Per Gallon, or Mpg. This is the number of miles traveled by the car using 1 gallon of fuel.

What is the gas mileage of an average compact car?

You can get 24 to 35 miles per gallon.

Average European car mileage?

The average car mileage in Europe is about 2.518 miles per gallon. The speed of the vehicles in the town is 18.7 kilometers per hour.

Why is US gas mileage so poor compared to the same car in Europe?

Most midsize European cars are diesel which gives more miles per gallon. In the UK, an imperial gallon measurement is larger than the US gallon. An imperial gallon is 4 Liters. A US gallon is about 3.78 Liters. Therefore, a UK car gets more miles per "gallon". Note that the diesels do get much better mileage than gas engines, even after you convert to the same unit of measurement.

A car has a mileage rating of 38 miles per gallon of gasoline How many miles can the car travel on 76.5 liters of gasoline?

a ar has a mileage rating of 30 miles per gallon of gasoline how many mile can the car travel on 76.5 liters of gasoline

How does vehicle mileage affect your car?

The more mileage on a car the more wear and tear on the engine and transmission witch in turn can cause it to have problems.

What is the average miles per gallon for a smart car?

Smart cars are fairly good on gas mileage. The average smart car can get up to 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

How many miles can you drive on 25 gallon tank?

It depends on why type of car you have. Check your gas mileage

How many miles can you get out of a gallon of gas?

it depends what you are driving, it could be a truck or car everything has a certain mileage

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