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How do you make pink?

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To make the color pink use a red and white. If you would like the color to be lighter use lighter red and more white than red. To make darker, use a darker red and less white.

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What color do white and pink make?

white and pink make pink

What color does make pink?

red and white will make pink.

What does pink and pink make?

kind of another kind of pink

What color does hot pink and pink make?

medium pink

How do you make pink lemonade?

you need the powder to make pink lemonade or to make homade pink lemonade you have to have some kind of syrup

What colors make the pink color?

red and white make pink. You will get a darker pink with more red and a lighter pink with more white.

What does purple and pink and white make?

They make a light purpley-pink

What are the colors that make pink?

The colors that make pink is red and white

What blended colors make pink?

Red and white make pink.

What do you mix with pink to make brown?

green and pink will make brown

Red and pink make?

dark pink

What do white and pink make?

light pink

What color does red an white make?

If red and white are mixed, they make pink.

Which colors mixed make pink and baby pink?

To make a pink, simply mix red and white. Baby pink is a pink with much more white in it. The amount of white you use determines the shade of pink you get.

Do they make pink PSP'S?

yes, they make pink PSP's, check eBay.

What colors do you mix together to make pink?

red and white is to make pink

How do you make your room look like the pink store?

Make everything pink.

What colour's make up pink?

Red and White make up pink.

What color does white and pink make?

Pale pink.

Why are bananas not pink?

because they do not have a chemical in them to make them pink

What color do pink and red make?


What is blue and pink paint make together?

Blue and pink make magenta.

How do you make pictures pink on your phone?

How do you really make picture in cool pink on your phone

What color does pink and purple make?

Pink and purple make a light purple.

What does pink and green make?

Pink and Green make a tint of grey... or light brown