How do you make pizza?

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This is how to make Pizza. First you make the dough and flatten it out then take some tomato purree and spread it out all over the top of the dough you just made. Then you sprinkle cheese on top of the sauce that you just got done spreading. You can put whatever topping you want on it like red peppers, tomatoes, olives and the regular peperoni. Then you put it into the oven for 20-30 minutes till it turns the way you want it to look it should be a golden color. Then you have a very yummy looking pizza

If you like thin crust this is the pizza for you! MINI PIZZAS!

1. get a soft taco shell. this will be your crust.

2. spread spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce on the pizza. ( spaghetti sauce is cheaper and tastes the same!)

3. sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the sauce.

4. add any toppings you would like examples: tomatoes, olives (green and black), mushroom, bell pepper, onion, peperoni, sausage, and what ever else you would like! these pizzas take about 12 minutes. and adults kids and everyone in between loves to make them and eat them!


on any crust (it does not matter which of the above crust you have or any other type of crust) add cheese first, and then any toppings you would like and then add the sauce on top!

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Q: How do you make pizza?
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