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A hot pad placed on your tummy will probably help.

ibuprofen works better than acetominophen.

Some women find exercising helps.

If none of this helps see a doctor as there are special drugs for period pains but they have to be prescribed.

Answerchocolate isn't the only thing we need on periods to stop us going insane (lol) to stop pains ive heard:-grapes-banana-painkillers-hotwater bottle-lying down-certain yoga/pilates strechs-prescribed medicene from the doctor if painkillers don't do the job.hope i helped =) Answerpain killers, bananas, lying on your stomach, I've heard of doctors prescribing Birth Control just to help with cramps.
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Q: How do you make really bad period pains go away?
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What medicine to drink to fasten a period?

there isnt really a medicine to fasten your period. your period is a cycle of nature but to feel like your not even on it try to participate more in sports it make your pains ease a little bit more

How do you make stomach pains go away?

Exerciseis a good idea.

Do you have period pains and a period while your pregnant?

Most women on their first trimester tend to have pains that resemble period pains that is bound to be normal but it needs to be monitored by your gynaecologists. If it goes beyond 6-7weeks though, the doctor should be looking out for you often to make sure the pregnancy is healthy.

How do you make period cramps go away?

Well When I Have My Period It Kills, Im In Pain All The Time But Thanks To Advil I Can Care Less About My Period But Some People Have Pain One Day Only And Some People Have Pain Untill There Periods Finish, But Advil Really works May Not Say Releif For Cramps But It Says Releif For Pains AND ITS GREAT!!

What does it mean when you have really bad pains in your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant also the pains make you cry?

Go to a doctor.

What does it mean when you have a really bad pain at the bottom of your stomach but it is not a period?

sounds like really bad trapped wind wind this can be so painful like period pains

How do you make growing pains go away?

maybe an ice pack would help. it won't make them go away, but it will numb the area for a while.

How can you make back pains go away?

Just stretch and get some sleep and have a good posture .

How do make the pain from growing pains so away?

nothing u have to live with it for the rest of your life

Symptoms of a young girls period?

well im 13 now and i have only just started my period and before i really really wanted it because all my friends had started and i felt left out :/ but then i started to get different things happening like i started to get discharge and little spots of blood and then one day i got period pains and period pains feel like u no wen u need a poo and u cba to go and you kind of crouch on ur stomach to make it go away well it feels like that and if u have never done that ten oh well. so i no all adults say 'just wait it will happen' and thats really annoying :/ but seriously it will so good luck xxx

How do you make your period go away?

Work out a lot

Having period pains after finishind period?

This is very normal. A day or two after my period, the bones that form your vagina are extra sore. Try not to wipe hard or do any sports that are painful and make you extra sore,

Does lemon juice make your period go away faster?


How do you fake your period cramps?

There's no reason to fake period cramps - if you don't have them then that is a good thing, and given as many women are disabled by their menstrual cramps to make light of their condition by faking them is questionable. If you really want to fake them then it is simple; they are abdominal pains, so say it hurts and hold your abdomen.

What can I do to make my depression go away?

And I really need some good advice.....

Will your period go away if you are gay but not really gay?

No, being gay does not influence your period at all. Birth control, menopause, pregnancy, etc. can alter your period, but who you want to have relations with has no effect whatsoever. And, I have a better question: What would even make you think that?

What do you do to make your period go away in 3 days?

You really can't do anything except let nature run it's course. There are surgical procedures to clean out your uterus that will end a period, but the recovery time from the surgery is longer than the period would have been.

Does drinking water make your period go away faster?

Drinking lots of water wont make it go away fasterbut it can minimise period crampsIt's always good to stay hydrated

Can weed make your period stop?

i really dont know

Your boyfriend is suffering from sharp and random pains in his chest what is causing this?

too little love in there.fill it and make his aches and pain go away

What are your chances of being pregnant if your period was late but you did get it and now you have pains around your ovulation time?

pain during ovulation isn't uncommon and is not usually anything to worry about, and is not a symptom of pregnancy. If you had sex sometime after your period, or if you experience very sharp pains, you should see a doctor right away and make sure you aren't experiencing a tubal pregnancy which means the fertilized egg doesn't travel into the uterus but instead starts to grow in the fallopian tube. It can be very serious or even fatal.AnswerHi, It is normal to experience pains around your ovulation time. This is not pregnancy related. Because you got your period then you most likely aren't pregnant. But if your period was lighter than usual, then do a pregnancy test.

Can birth control make your period really long?

Not usually. They make then lighter and not as long.

If you are on your period can you make it go away in two days?

No. It's not something that you can control.

Does vinegar help your period go away faster?

OMG, no. I'm not sure what you mean -- I'm assuming you mean drinking it, but no, it won't make your period go away faster.

How do you make a boner go away?

Flick each of your undividual balls really, really hard.