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Q: How do you make siren noises?
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What causes siren noise when car is accelerating at high speeds Its not the belts. We are talking about on the highway doing 70mph siren noises occur?

wind noise

Noises that begin with the letter A?

The sound of an accordion is a recognizable sound. An ambulance siren is a recognizable noise.

What noises do poodles make?

Poodles make all kinds of noises. They whine and cry when they want to be picked up and cuddled. They cry and howl if they get hurt. They bark and howl like a siren if they here a new noise outside. They also grunt and mown when playing tug the ball.

What noises do goanna make?

they make harsh hissing noises.

What noises does an ape make?

Apeas make a variety of noises as part of their communications. Different species make different noises. Humans are apes - we make all sort of noises.

How do you make noises with a crystal glasses?

you can make noises by tapping them together

Do jellyfish make noises?

Jellyfish do not make any noises that come from their body. The noises that they make come from moving throughout the water.

What noises do gorrilas make?

Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice. Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice.

How many noises do dolphins make?

dolphins make lots of diffrent noises cause they communicate.if they communicate, they make diffrent noises.

Do greek myths the sirens make sound?

Yes, they make a sound like a siren. Hence the name "Siren".

What noises do Amazonian animals make?

human noises

What sound does a siren make?

A wail

Why do dolphins make squeaky noises and where do the noises come from?

They make the noises from having kinky bum shex and their noses come from your mum.

Does a rooster make clicking noises with his beak?

Does a rooster make clicking noises with his beak?

How do guinea pigs make noises?

They make noises through their larynx, the "voice box" in guinea pigs and humans alike that allows us to make noises and talk.

Do seagulls make a loud wind noise when flying in a flock?

They do not make wind noises in flocks but they make bird noises.

Do ants make noises?

No they do no make noised

What kind of sound do hyenas make?

the make like ''evil laughing '' noises or sometimes ''crying noises''

Does a lizard make frog noises?

No, lizards make lizard noises. Frogs make frog noises. It's possible that some lizards may sound like some frogs.

Do chimps make noises?


Do hippos make noises?


Do Sloths make noises?


Do giraffes make noises?


How do you make hand noises?


Do aardvarks make noises?