How do you make someone fat in super Scribblenauts?


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Use a fat potion on the person you want to make fat.


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Yes, reeses can make you fat. Most candies high in sugar and/or fat can make someone fat if they eat enough of it.

You can't make them SUPER fat, in sims life stories. But to get them fat, you can make them eat alot of jumk food (like cookies or chips, and cake) and soon they will get fat. Or when your making a family there is a pic. of a skinny figure and a fat one. Click the fat one for a fat sim=]

eat alota of cake. hahaha

Posture while eating would not make someone fat. It depends more on what you are eating.

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No they do not make you fat it depends on how many you eat.

Fat rabbits are unhealthy. You shouldn't want to make them fat.

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No vitamins make you fat. Eating too much makes you fat.

Yes.Eating to much fruit can make you fat.

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anything can make you fat if not managed right.

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