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You don't. They would know it if they were. The smartest thing you can do is let them know how you feel about them, & see what they say. It could be they are shy or scared of sharing feelings. You can't make someone love you. i am paige 11 years old i would like to be like to be like you when i am older thank you xx paige

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โˆ™ 2009-05-05 19:22:58
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Q: How do you make someone realize he or she is in love with you?
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Is it possible for someone to love you after 3 years?

no you can be in love with someone for years and they may never realize it or are just to into them selves to realize it!

How do you get over someone you really love but evrey time you see them you love them even more?

What does "seeing" someone have to do with love? Realize that this is not love, merely attraction.

How do you make someone love you back?

You can't. Simple as that. They have to find it in their heart and realize if they LIKE you, lest alone LOVE you. Don't worry, though. Someone will come into your life when you least expect it. Think about it. the personification of mystery

If you love someone but doesn't feel the same?

If you love that someone so dearly, let them know. They will realize that you love them, and think about it. Boys take awhile to respond.... xD

Trying to make someone realize something?


What do you do when you love your best friend and you told them and now they hate you?

Go out with someone else make him jealous. He'll realize he misses you when he sees you with another guy

I love someone and they don't know I do what should do?

You should send them an anonymous love note saying everything you want to do to them, and depending on how they react; - if they realize its you, see what they say. - if they don't realize its you, tell them. !

How do you make a girl love you for who your are?

You cant MAKE someone love you for who you are.

What do you do when you were in a relationship with someone who loved you but you were unsure and now that they are with someone else you realize you love them?

fight fire with fire go out with someone else and when they notice that they love you take them back. (it worked 4 me)

How can you make someone you love love you back?

You can't make anyone love you.

Can one sided love work?

Most of us have loved someone that hasn't loved us back and that's unfortunately the way chemistry works in people. It hurts, but most of us are strong to realize we can't make someone love us and we move on and end up meeting someone that we do truly fall in love with and they love us.

How do you realize when you love?

something very beautiful......... its just your the most important person in someone life....

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