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theres very good instructions there /\/\/\ :D

I agree. I know how to make an Kakuzu mask.

1)You need a bunch of white cloth and some black(about half the amount of white)

2)You need a HEADBAND( a waterfall one. I used one from my plushie, and my mask looked the best...But I wouldn't recamend it -_-')

3)You'll need some one to wrap the white around your head and measer it so it fits alittle looser then a prefect fit.

4)Once that's done glue a black strip of cloth for the bottom of the mask.

5) Finally glue /stitch the headband on.


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What is the robe called that the akatsuki wears on Naruto?

its just a cloak it does nothavea name bu if it did it would proble be he akatsuki cloak just hat plane and simple.

Best place to buy an Akatsuki Cloak online?


Where can you get an akatsuki cloak in the US?

You can get at in the link in related links for only $28.00!

How do you cosplay as Deidara?

Really the only thing you need is a forehead protector and an akatsuki cloak.

What does the Akatsuki organization wear under their cloaks?

Each Akatsuki member wears something different under their cloaks. Itachi wears a standard net armor under his cloak, Sasori wears nothing (not, he's not naked [spoilering]) Kakuzo only wears pants under the cloak.

Where can you buy an Akatsuki cloak in Edmonton Alberta NOT online?

sorry the only place i know is in japan i had to order mine

How do you get the Akatsuki cloak on The Sims?

you should go download it from the sims 2 site, mod the sims or go to you'll find all the shippuden characters/ and normal naruto characters , akatsuki, and other animes

How do you make an akatsuki cloak?

Use your body measurements for lentghs and withs and overall height to cut out arms, back side and front side (this part is two peices). Use black linen for the outside and have more red on the inside for an 1/2" border trim. Sow all together and iron on home made or bought akatsuki cloud.

What episode does Tobi join the akatsuki?

Tobi joins Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden Episode #32SPOILERhe actually is madara and madara made the akatsuki in a way by sort of pushing nagato (pein) to make it a long time ago. He is the leader and former of the Akatsuki

Where can you find the best price for a akatsuki cloak?

i also like the show naruto. um do you think would have stuff like that at a resonable price im not to sure but mabey you could have a look

How do you get a jack cloak in Animal Crossing City Folk wii?

There is no such iten as the cloak that Jack wears, but you can always make a pattern for in.

How would you make an invisibility cloak?

they do not exist dude!

Is natuto in the akatsuki?

no the akatsuki is hunting him instead...

What has the author Akatsuki Kambayashi written?

Akatsuki Kambayashi has written: 'Kambayashi Akatsuki' 'Shuiro no tamago'

How did master jiraya died?

He died because he fight against the akatsuki, the leader of the akatsuki. Pain, he is the leader of the akatsuki, Master jiraya was killed by the akatsuki.

How do you make a invisibility cloak?

i will tell you how to make a INVISIBILITY CLOAK. first get a cloak the easy part.then you make a need hot H20 cold H20 string beans corn syrup white color die blue paint.the get something that is see thew. something bi as the cloak cut the cloak and put he see thew thing there >>>glue it<<< and mix all the ingredients together and arter that put the cloak in the container containing the ingredients. then - WALA - done . I was just playing I don't no how to make one :P First get shiny fabric that is as long as you are Then drape the fabric over yourself and have fun! I tried it and it worked great!

Did Harry Potter rip his invisibility cloak?

No. The invisibility cloak presumably has magical properties that make it much stronger than normal material.

What items does Harry Potter use to make himself invisible?

The Invisibilty Cloak. The Third Hallow.

What materials are used to make an invisibility cloak?

Tuna Salad

When did itachi join the akatsuki?

he join's akatsuki after he leaves the village he contacts uchiha madara and he helps him to get into akatsuki

How do you spell cloak?


Members of akatsuki?

The hottes akatsuki member is sasori

Is Itachi Uchiha in Akatsuki?

Yes, Itachi is in the Akatsuki.

How Naruto entered Akatsuki team?

He Did not join the akatsuki and. Will not

Have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain?

This is an ancient quote that appears to be 'unattributed' to an author. The quote in essence means to "Be Prepared". That is, when it starts to rain do not have to stop and make a cloak at that time...have it ready and waiting.