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How do you make the alcoholic drink called a Red Snapper?


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2007-11-21 21:19:37
2007-11-21 21:19:37

not any red snapper i have had. it's a shot with equal parts crown royal, amaretto and cranberry juice. Shake with ice and strain into glass. yuummm. delicious!

Vodka and Tabasco over ice


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Vodka and cranberry juice on the rocks.

Cherry brandy + Orange Juice = Cherry Hooker

Three olive grape vodka. And a splash of water

It's a non-alcoholic drink made of 7-up (or gingerale) and grenandine cherry syrup.

you find in the pond near your house , find a duck and take out its K to make duc.

BACARDI 151 Hershey Squirt Jaegar TA-DA!!!

Assuming you mean an alcoholic drink, that would be the Sazerac.

That's easy, its just grapefuit juice with vodka. salt the rim.

Any alcoholic drink, including Chianti Wine, will make you drunk if you drink to excess.

yes, there is. it's a drink called Absinthe. its illegal most places though. Any alcoholic drink may make you trip, if you are not watching the uneven paving stones. Depends on the interpretation you put on 'trip'.

A layered drink made of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and Crown Royal ( in that order, and ideally with just a float of Crown ).

I do not know about liquid marijuana - but there is a drink called liquid cocaine that contains goldschlager, jagermeister, rumpleminze, and bacardi 151. Very effective and should not be taken lightly.

I looked on a lot of drink-recipe websites and didn't find anything called a John John. So...either this is a bartender's private recipe, or you can invent a drink yourself and call it a John John.

Mainly because they make you feel good.

One recipe can be found at the link below

Ingredients: *Peppermint Schnapps *Creme De Cacao *Vodka *Half&Half *Grenadine *Ice

Cider is made from apples. In the UK the pressed juice is fermented to make an alcoholic drink. In the USA the juice itself is sometimes called cider.

In the USA there is a company called Miller. They make an alcoholic drink called Beer. They used to use the slogan "It's Miller Time". I do not know if the slogan is still used.

Smirnoff Grenadine Sharaka Cherry Vodka

I live in Idaho and work as a bartender. I am sure there are many variations to this but we make it with equal parts Malibu rum, jager, pine and OJ.

*2 part orange juice *3 parts champagne Mix ingredients and pour into a chilled champagne glass.

You will need.1.5 Tabasco sauce. You will also need 3 oz Oval Vodka. Mix together on ice.

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