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If you want any electricall componant in a car to work without having the ignition turned on, then they must be connected to a source of power upstream of the ignition switch electrical circuit. This is known as a "hot source". It's like having it connected directly to your battery. Some car manufacturers choose to have certain electrical componants connected to the "hot source". Most avoid it since it can lead to something like the following: leaving the light or radio on causing the battery to run down. By putting it on the cold side of the switch, the manufacturer prevents you from unintentionally running down your battery. First, using a simple electrical circut tester you can make or purchase at any car parts store, locate a circut in your fuse box that is "hot" while the key is out of the ignition. You can take the wire from the lighter, trace it back to your fuse panel, remove it from the cold side location, reattach it to the connection that you found was "hot" already. Remember that you are increasing the load on that circuit and may need to increase the size of the fuse in the circuit to prevent blowing the fuse every time you push in the lighter.

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Q: How do you make the cigarette lighter work without the ingition being on?
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Where is the cigarette fuse on a Renault scenic 2004?

in the top of the glove compartment you can see a fold down flap being held in place by 2 clips. Release clips and fuse board drops down. Cigarette lighter fuse is on this board.

Horn cigarette lighter don't work radio cuts out and no display on 1996 stratus no fuses are blown however?

Fuse #8 operates Horn,Amplifier AND Cigarette lighter (20 amp),LED being bad is due to faulty radio,slides out of deck after 2 X 3/8 sheet metal screws are removed.Answered my own question!

What do you do when your cigarette lighter keeps burning fuses even if they are new and how hard is it to replace the whole lighter?

The problem is probably in the element, the part that gets hot, not in the socket, the part that is in the dashboard. Most auto supply stores carry replacement lighters, or you can find them in a junkyard. Your plug in is probably shorted out or maybe you have some foreign metal in the socket. Try plugging in another lighter. If the fuse blows without the plug in being pushed in, the socket is bad.

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Why did the cigarette lighter stop working on your 2004 Chevy impala how do you fix it?

Check power to receptacle if none Check fuses If you have power maybe lighter element replacement available at Wal-Mart or auto parts on the my 2002 impala there is a fuse on the passenger side just above the aux fuse that controls the driver side cigarette lighter. the fuse that is listed in the manual on the driver side fuse panel does not connect to the lighter. a continuity check between the fuse panel and the lighter confirms that. Let Me tell you friend... My '03 impala has a bad cig/ltr socket. After half my hair came out I replaced it and stopped letting pennies and dimes fall into it. The aux pwr. socket won't work without the cig/ltr socket in the circuit or it's fuse being blown. Why the two circuits are tied in this manner.?. I don't know.

Is there any cheap way to rewire an 1988 Honda Accord so that the cigarette lighter works when the key is not in the ignition?

The radio and cigarette lighter are supplied by the same 15A relay-switched bus. The wire may be red/white from the fuse block and white/red after the relay, although the color code may vary over a span of model years. The relay is located behind the front console, so be prepared to perform extensive disassembly to reach it; it will be easier if both front seats are removed from the car. It is recommended that the existing wire to the cigarette lighter be left as-is, in the event that you might want to return the wiring configuration to as-built condition. Just disconnect the wire from the cigarette lighter and make sure that the end is insulated with tape or shrink tubing so that it can't inadvertently short to any grounded metal. Tap into the unswitched side of the 15A bus at the relay connector and run a new14 AWG stranded, insulated copper wire wire to the cigarette lighter. This alternate wire to the lighter socket will still be protected by the 15A fuse that supplies power to the radio/lighter relay, so it is not necessary, or even desirable, to add another fuse in the line.After this modification is performed, the radio should shut off when the ignition switch is off, but the cigarette lighter should be always on.If you replace the relay with a shunt, instead of rewiring the cigarette lighter socket, both the radio and lighter socket will be on all the time. This may be convenient if one wants to listen to the radio while the ignition key is removed, but one must always be vigilant to turn the radio off before the engine is shut off and turn the radio on after the engine is started. The relay has two purposes:Keep the radio off the +12V bus during startup and shutdown to protect it from "load dump" surges.Disconnect the radio and cigarette lighter circuits when the engine is off to prevent the battery from being inadvertently drained.

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