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It depends on the version your operating system and whether or not you are using dhcp.

If you have a modem or router that is a dhcp server you could set your IP option to "Obtain an IP address automatically". For example, in XP you would do the following steps;

1. Left click on the Start Menu option

2. Right click on the icon of "My Computer"

3. Left click on "Explorer"

4. Left click on "Control Panel"

5. Left click on "Network Connections"

6. Right click on "Local Area Connection"

7. Left click on "Properties"

8. Make sure that the Radio button (Open Dot) in front of, "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected.

You can also have static "or non automatic" IP addressing. To Do this you need to find out the IP range your router is working in and configure it. That is more involved and if you wish to do that I would suggest that you look up "setting automatic IP addresses".

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Q: How do you make the default gateway available?
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Your workstations ip address is and another workstation is When sending data from first workstation what is the most likely ip for the default gateway? could the default gateway be the workstations IP address? the default gateway would be the first available IP address in this case it would have to go through your default gateway to get to his default gateway and be sent to his workstation.

Can a workstation computer be cofigured to browse the internet and yet not have a default gateway?

it is impossible for a computer to have no default gateway. once you connect your computer to a network it will automatically supply a default gateway and for the browsing issue, configuration of default gateway is necessary.

What is the actual address used for a default gateway?

The address of a default gateway can vary widely depending on which device on which network is the default gateway. There isn't one specific default gateway address.A popular address is one used on home based networks,

What is the default gateway for

Typically this address would not have a default gateway, since it is an APIPA address, which is not routable.

What is the command for a default route on a router?

ip default gateway

What is a purpose of default gateway?

Default gateway is the router. It's where all other devices in the network send data to go out in to the internet. It's the gateway to the internet if you will.

What device is used as the default gateway?

Router is used for defult gateway

What is your computer's default gateway?

that is

What is meant by default gateway?

Default Gateway is a node (a router) on a computer network that serves as an access point to another network.

Is it true that a computer will use a default gateway if the destination IP address is on a deffernt network?

Yes, that is what the default gateway is used for.

What is a default gateway IP address?

The default gateway IP address will depend on your modem. The default address for Belkin is You can use this address to adjust your settings.

How does a gateway function do?

Gateway is software placed in the router. Its function is protocol translation. When we need to connect two networks based on different protocols, then gateway is used by default. It acts as an entrance To see the default gateway of your system in cmd (command prompt), type "ipconfig." It shows the default gateway.

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