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How do you make the girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

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You have to type in a funny phrase when the box comes up.

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How do you make wanda laugh in Pokemon emerald?

You must recite the correct words to make Walda laugh in Pokemon Emerald. If you can make her laugh her father will reward you with a new wallpaper for the Pokemon storage center.

How do you make the girl in the pepper house laugh on Pokemon Emerald?

Go to and follow the instructions.

What happens after you make WALDA laugh in Pokemon emerald?


Where is the girl that you have to make laugh in Pokemon emerald?

The girl is in Rustboro City on the second floor of the large house above the Cutter's House and the Pokemon Center, to the left of the Trainer's School.

How do you make Walda laugh in Pokemon Emerald?


In emerald how do you make that girl in the bed laugh?

bahhaha its relly easy your a noob

What word will make the sick girl in Rustboro City laugh in pokemon emerald?

The word is different for everyone. There is a generator online which determines what you have to say to her in order for her to laugh. Refer to the related links below.

How do you make the girl smile in rustboro city Pokemon emerald version?

impossibleNo its not ask What is a Pokemon ID and how do you get the little girl to laugh and it`ll tell you!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pitagoras: actually it is possibly to knowuse this link to make a word and the girl thing is to make your own wallpaper so whit this link you can make the codes to make your own wallpaper bye

What is the phrase to make the little girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

There are various phrases that could be used to make Wanda laugh in Pokémon Emerald. You can go to the site, and use the secret word generator. Once you have a word generated tell it to Wanda's father and he will give you a free wallpaper.

How do you get walda to laugh in Pokemon emerald?

It depends on your ID number. Go here to get the word that will make her laugh. See related link below.

How do boys that can make a girl laugh but are afraid to ask a girl out get the girl?

because they can make her laugh, girls love it when you make them laugh...

How do you make the sick girl laugh in Pokemon emerald?

There is no word or phrase but there is a combination of letters and numbers you can say go to this will explain everything you must do you will also get a special suprise =D Hope this helps

How do you make the kid laugh in emerald?

Tickle his sack.

How do you make the baby laugh in Pokemon Emerald?

You don't HAVE to say anything. She's just there as an extra thing to the game. Nothing happens if actually make her laugh. It's just an extra fun activity people do when they finish the game. that's when you can make her laugh but nothing happens.

On Pokemon emerald t made wanda smile but what did it do?

Once you make Wanda laugh, her Father Gives you a new wallpaper for your pc. If you make her laugh again with a DIFFERENT word, the OLD wallpaper is replaced by the NEW wallpaper

How do you make little girl happy in Pokemon emerald?

Give the girl the drinks from the vending machine Give the girl the drinks from the vending machine

How do you make the girl in Pokemon emerald laugh?

Say Open the Plank! that's the wrong answer from drake you have to show her a mr. mime and then go around the room three times. She will giggle. that is not true you go to a website that tells you what to say to her but i forgot what it was the website is

When does Pokemon Sky Emerald come out?

Pokemon will probably make aurora emerald if anything.

What will make a baby with Blaziken on Pokemon emerald?

There are several Pokemon that will make a baby with Blaziken on Pokemon Emerald. These include Pikachu, Sandshrew, and Vulpix.

What type of a girl Louis Tomlinson like?

a girl who make him laugh and someone who well laugh at his jokes

How do you make a girl laugh without flirting?

Girls will often laugh at a witty remark. Making a girl laugh is not flirting if you both understand it is not sexual. If you are just friends, there is no crime in making a girl laugh.

How do you make the characters in Pokemon Emerald nude?

By getting an Editor for Pokemon Emerald that allows you to modify the sprites...

What would you say to a girl t make her laugh?

The way to make a girl laugh, is the same way you make your friends laugh. To be honest with them, and being yourself. Although this sounds clique, still holds much truth. The things that make you laugh, would most likely make her laugh also hope this helps.

How do you make a full Pokemon to hungry in Pokemon emerald?

Not possible.

What word that will make happy the girl in rustboro city in Pokemon Emerald version?

Go to google and type in Pokemon emerald secret word generator. Then you can customize your own wallpaper for the pc (it all depends on your trainer number)